Rachel L. Z. Poems

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It's Funny

It's funny how the ones who show you the most love,
Are often the ones who say it the least
It's funny how the ones who tell you they love you the most,
Are often the ones that hurt you the most

My Jail Cell

You locked me up
You threw me into your world
Removing me from everything else
Isolating me from all that's proper and right

So Much To Say

So much to say, no way to say it
Just sick of this jumbled up, caught up, walled up,
Confused feeling
So much to say, no way to say it

See Me As I Am

Just as I remember, you're smiling over there
I don't even know if you can see me over here
It's been way to long since I've seen your shining eyes
Please don't make me shed one more tear

Blue Sky

Those who haven't seen the Rain
Nor ever seen the Sea;
Will ask from time to time, confused,
Why must the Sky blue be?


You slipped your arm around me
You held me so close
For the first time in so long, I felt safe
But you turned away

No Apologies

I worked so hard,
Trying to make everything work out
But you didn't like my plan.
Why did you fight so long

Matters Of Making (And Keeping) Friends

I'm not sure what you're thinking
But I don't fall apart if we don't 'hang out'
I hear the pity behind your words
Like I'm totally helpless without you

Road Ahead

You can't fake that surprise in your voice
Every time you hear I've succeeded.
I'm better than you thought I'd ever be
I'm stronger than you'd like


My heart's still beating, why isn't yours?
Our past is comprised of the slamming of doors
I can't explain why something perfect hurts so bad.

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