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A Cascade Of You

Thunder quakes outside my door
I open it, it starts to pour
Sheets of water cascading down


Half moon rising
quietly in the night
A few clouds pass
illuminated by the light.

Love Overflowing

Deepest emotions, I have never felt before.
Love overflowing.
All that I have I offer to him.
Trusting him with my heart.

See The Wonder

Deep breath
Take it all in
All the splendors of life.

Moonlight Waltz

Play with my heart in circles
Spin me round and round
Love me till my feet
no longer touch the ground.

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Born in beauty inspiring Niagara Falls, NY. At a young age I was always fascinated with words and the effect they have on people. My first poem was written in middle school, as I sat gazing out the window looking into the snow filled streets. The journey had begun. Poetry became my escape. A place of freedom, expression, release. Many of time I use ...

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