The Sawdust Is Flying Poem by Rafiq Sandeelvi

The Sawdust Is Flying

Rating: 4.6

Sparks flicker
In wet eyes
Flashing shadows crawl
In the hallway
The sawdust is flying
An oxygen tube
Affixed to the nostril
Corner of the lip smeared in saliva
Persistent hiccup
Permanent stupor
My present is severed from my absent

How should I tell what happened
Ages ago, our path was the same
In the bag, lunch prepared by mother
Books and satchel
Were the same
In the chinks of rafters
Sparrows dwelled with us
Our chirps were shared
The same clothes from the tailor
The same shoes
We bathed together in the drizzle
When the night came
We listened to the same stories
Water in the pitcher
Under the umbrella of the tree
Star-adorned sky
Aroma from the pot
And the blood in the veins
In short, our dream-world was the same
We were each others’ present and absent
We were twins
There wasn’t any duality
Organs and elements
Chest was joined with the chest
Heart with heart
Forehead with forehead

What to tell
How the spark leapt out of the wire
How the banks abandoned the river
How the thread snapped from the spindle
How the dreams on the headrest were swapped
Which turn the stairs took

What was that luggage
That the heart was ready to dump
But the back would not bend under whose weight
What was that pain
Whose shadows wanted to break free
From the shackles of being and manifestation

What should I tell
Of the fog that covered both sides of the wall
When the time placed us on the iron-plank
And plied the saw
And bisected us
From that day on
The sawdust is flying
From the dried stump
From rafters of the roof
From the books and dreams
The sawdust is flying
My present is severed from my absent

Jim Troy 14 July 2011

My highest respect to you and your magnificant style. My point of view concerning 'The Sawdust Is Flying' was an profound reality of a dying person reflecting and sharing the experience in a way that would be from those who have experienced a near death event...... However, I must say that during this reading my higher echelon of cognitions seemed to not kick in and give you the most worthy feedback you deserve.... In other words... 'I'm a bit tired tonight'..... But wanted to read your art anyway........ Sorry if I let you down....... Jim Troy

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Stefanie Fontker 14 July 2011

Great poem, the sawdust does truly fly at the worst moments.

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Unwritten Soul 12 July 2011

That was meaningful write, the plot so smooth and did walked like down the stairway one by one, bring back all past memories...Twin as past and present sharing same umbilical cord of living...same breathe soon the presence of now could be your absent in future...still presence for your twin...This was beautiful, i can relate this with many things... :) _Unwritten Soul

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Gengis Capote 11 July 2011

thank you for inviting me to read your poem I enjoyed your work.

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Malaya Roses 09 July 2011

Sorrow in presence over memories and the words were real on human in loveless moment! ! ! Sad poem but too good to say good.

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Hazel Durham 01 January 2014

Beautiful write with amazing lines, so original!

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Shania K. Younce 26 December 2013

This is a sad and pleseant poem. Bien!

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Linda May Fox 24 June 2012

I love the crafted way you right about life, Beautiful!

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Supriya Prathapan 30 December 2011

Beautiful poem. Reminds me of a long lost friend.10++

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Ency Bearis 13 October 2011

A profound poem about life, well crafted thought.

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