The World Is Run By People Who Wear Badges Poem by Raj Dronamraju

The World Is Run By People Who Wear Badges

I wear a badge to my office
I run it through a scanner in order to punch in
It gives me access
It shows I belong
I wear a badge to get by in society

The forces of order use badges to shoo you back in line
Don't bother the man with a badge
Just do what he says
Our questions stop at the sight of this image of authority

You were never part of anything that demanded conformity
You refused to recognize formal identification shown to you
You refused to carry your own
You live in the cracks of their well orchestrated nightmare
Only coming out when they are off shining their badges

They cut out a heart shaped piece of skin
They branded him as one of their own
When he enforces the will of the hive, it is not choice….Merely what he's been told to do

He wears a badge in the form of a tie
He uses it to strangle the world
He disrespects and desecrates the corpse
He makes an example of it and people are too cowered by his position to do anything

That position is all contained within a title
A description
A badge that carries the tradition of repression
Entitles the owner to give you one free beating

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: freedom
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