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After the Chief of Surgery's diagnosis
He was elated to know
His 95 year old mother
Could be saved

I no more read your letters
I know
They contain
A volcanic eruption

The whatsApp call
From the neighbour
Informed the death of father

The doctor did an overall investigation
Said: I need to now exercise
Eat sensible, healthy diet

If the poem's
Voice and movement
Is Quick

As always
When I am alone
And my thoughts

The grandkids
Screaming outbursts
Gets a kickoff

All night they were there

Randy roughhousing
Of the type

A perfect poem captures
When thoughts are fleshed out

When my Toyota
Stopped all functionality
I got opportunity

Rajiv Khandelwal Biography

Rajiv Khandelwal - A Brief Life- Sketch I obtained primary education in convent schools at Kanpur and later, at Agra. I qualified as an Electrical Engineer from Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS) , Mesra, Ranchi. I am fundamentally, a businessperson. My interest in creative writing has led me to become a poet, however, before that I co-produced a Documentary Film titled, Visit India, Discover Agra in 1986. Poetry Publications Conch Shells and Cowries (1998) Love is a Lot of Work (2013) A Monument to Pigeons (2013) A Time To Forget (2017) Dwelling With Denial (2020) . Children's Poetry Volumes Crazy Class (2021) Adventure (2021) Magic Moments (2021) Lets Crawl (Teach/Learn Poetry Writing volume) (2021) Writings on Rajiv Khandelwal A New Voice in Indian English Poetry by Late Dr Som P. Ranchan (2014) A Critical Discourse by Dr Bhupinder Parihar (2017) Amorous Creativity-Poetic Achievement of Rajiv Khandelwal by Dr VVB Rama Rao (2017) Part of Critical Appraisals Sensitivity and Cultural Multiplexity in Recent Indian English Poetry by Prof VVB Rama Rao (2014) History of Contemporary Indian English Poetry - An Appraisal (2019) by PCK Prem Featured in Anthologies (Poems) Universal Oneness by Vivekanand Jha (2020) Poetry in Quarantine - Dr Savita Deogirkar & Dr. Shaleen Singh Sufi World: Golden Anthology of Poetry 2020 Poetry Vibes During Corona - Editor Durga Patva 2021 Featured in Anthologies (Prose) Covid-19 Pandemic: Changing the World by Dr. Ram Sharma Covid Unleashes Creativity in Poetry Today, Annual No.2020 Invited to Read Poetry: Sikkim Akademi on the occasion of the 7th World Poetry Day on 21st March 2006. Sahitya Akademi New Delhi, to read poems through their Webline Literature Series per their Poetry Reading programme on Tuesday,17th November 2020 from 2.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. Interviews Published In Conversation with Dr. D.C. Chambial (Editor Poetcrit) published in Summer Issue No.10,2014 of 'Urdu Alive'-An annual literary journal An Interview published in daily newspaper 'Hindustan Times - City Edition' on Nov 04,2018 'Person of the Week' interview published in a Journal entitled 'Indian Periodical' on September 26,2021 Awards Received Received Citation for "Achievement in Sphere of English Literature" by Amrita Vidya, Agra, in Feb,2018 Received 'Literary Creative Award' by Naji Naaman's Foundation for Gratis Culture of Lebanon (2018) Received Citation of Brighter Honour from International Sufi Centre, Bangalore in recognition of distinguished contribution to Indian English Poetry, conferred upon 25 poets of India, September 2020 Academics Select poems are part of syllabus of the Foundation Course in English Language, Paper II of St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) . A Dissertation has been done on his select poems. Honoured as the 'Chief Guest' for the valedictory session of St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur for their online national seminar on Khushwant Singh: A Writer of Protean Sensibilities. Translations The poem Diwali, translated into Romani Language, Nov 5,2019 Poem, Mother in the Joint Family, translated into Chinese, published in Chinese Modern Poetry Quarterly, Feb.2020 issue, Editor, Chi Cheng Hsu Selected 60 Poems on Love, translated into Hindi titled, ????? ???? ?? ?????, published,2021 11 poems on Poetry, translated into Arabic Language Oct.2021 Has Compiled/Edited Poetic Thoughts of Ishika Bansal: Appraisals, Published 2020)

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After the Chief of Surgery's diagnosis
He was elated to know
His 95 year old mother
Could be saved
From the life-consuming disease
But the now-or-never operation
Would cost his entire nest eggs
That he had so painstakingly
Set aside
For his daughter's wedding
Who had just turned thirty eight
And whose prospects in the marriage market
Were getting grim by the day

His heart was in a fix

Save a person with a few years to go
Or the one
Who had a full life ahead

He was bedeviled by raging storms

The ‘Custom of Sea'
Looped in his mind

He prayed to God
And sought forgiveness

Published in WEC Volume 12  Number 1  March 2022

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