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let us enter
in a new world
a world
of no boundaries

Past are ghost they will not let you sleep.
Future are dreams they will not let you sleep.
Present is doing just now or never.
Time is running for ever and ever.

The connection begins with words.
As prayers, praise, poems.
Words connect the feelings.
Feeling connects the emotions.

I love my earth
She is unique, precious
feel her pain
she reacts as

rules the power
rules the politicians
rules the dictators

One Dimension
-words, sound, light, waves.

Two Dimension

C'andle lights up
C'akes are made
C'olorful Gifts given
C'horus of prayers everywhere


the tiny boat
in endless oceans

If you want to meet God
Read this title carefully.
Every answer is hidden in the question.
It is so simple.

Jesus was crucified
for sake of humanity.
He suffered pain to make you happy.
Jesus was born


My dear and near
who lost almost
some are close some are far

The sky was covered with swans and birds
moving towards there endless infinite journey
there image reflecting with new waves
my small boat was moving with the winds

Drugs or alcohols
are two shores of a river
a river of thoughts
some gives depression

Life is knife
in doctor's hand

or a drop of water

Black hole explodes
Galaxies are formed
Galaxies expands
Stars are formed


I feel you in my winds
I feel you in my breath
when I see the rainbow
I see your image

in this ocean
i am a small fish
alas someone eat me
this is my wish

हे प्रभु
मैं पानी की एक बूंद
तू विराट सागर
हर पल तुझमे रहूँ

A friend in need
is a friend indeed

heard a lot
rarely experienced

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I was nothing, I am nothing, and I will be nothing, Just some cosmic light and energy flow from me which I express to you all in form of words, .)

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One World One Family

let us enter
in a new world
a world
of no boundaries
a world
of no walls
a world
of no terror
a world
of no poverty
a world
of no weapons
one world
of one family
no countries
no politicians
no wars
just imagine
a paradise
let us awake
your self
for a
new world
of oneness
today you imagine
tomorrow you do
one by one
global awakening happens
one world
one family
happens one day

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Lust is like skin of onion finally you find nothing.

Lust is like the skin of fruit while love is the real juice.

Human being can destroy any speices but cannot produce any speices.

Defining infinite and god always lead to illusion, still both infinite and god exists.

The real life is the journey after death not after birth.

Money collection is the highest addiction of this world and also money is the most unfaithful. It can leave you suddenly.

God was one, god is one, god will be one always like mother is always one. It is the mind viewing with different angles create differences.

Politicians have only black color in their drawings which is color of fear and lies.

The language of God is silence, Thehouse of God is invisible and the message of God is love.

Terrorism is created by weapon dealers and drug mafias who's marketing agents are corrupt politicians.

People worship enlightened saints but they never follow their words. So they fight each other for their ego.

To bring freedom in life one has to learn to face his emotions with awareness.

When mind starts ruling us we are suffering with various addictions but when we start watching mind we find that mind is disappearing.

If you want to do something good Don't think of tomorrow Do it today If you want to do today Do it now This is your moment If you want to do something bad Do it tomorrow And trust me Tomorrow never comes.

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Ramesh Kavdia Popularity

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