Ramona Thompson

Ramona Thompson Poems

161. Date Rape 9/9/2008
162. Date Rape V 2 9/9/2008
163. Dating Resume 1/15/2009
164. David Cook 3/18/2008
165. David Cook-Sexy American Idol 3/19/2008
166. David Letterman/Sarah Palin 6/16/2009
167. De Nina A Mujer 2/6/2009
168. Dead To Me 10/9/2006
169. Debbie 7/16/2008
170. Declaration Of My Desire 1/8/2009
171. Derrick Tribbett-A Tribute 6/22/2009
172. Destination Superbowl 1/25/2010
173. Did She Get Away With Murder? 7/29/2006
174. Did We Elect The Antichrist? 11/10/2008
175. Did You Really Rape A Woman? 4/29/2009
176. Dillon-Erotic 9/10/2008
177. Dissociative Identity Disorder 12/1/2008
178. Dissociative Identity Disorder V 2 12/1/2008
179. Dixon 8/20/2008
180. Do That To Me One More Time 3/5/2008
181. Do You Know Who I Did Last Summer? 2/20/2009
182. Dollhouse Fantasy 2/6/2009
183. Donald 9/23/2008
184. Don'T Abort Me This Way 3/6/2008
185. Don'T Just Vote For The Black Guy Because.... 10/22/2008
186. Don'T Just Vote For The White Guy Because.... 10/22/2008
187. Don'T Try Abortion 3/6/2008
188. Dope Me Up At The Ball Game 12/17/2007
189. Dying 2/6/2009
190. Eating Come 5/9/2008
191. Elvis Presley 8/14/2008
192. Emma La May-Proud Member Of The Kkk 1/21/2009
193. Eric 7/14/2008
194. Erica 7/16/2008
195. Eureka! Eureka! 2/3/2009
196. Evan 9/23/2008
197. Evans 8/20/2008
198. Evans-Erotic 9/11/2008
199. Every President Tells Their Lies 2/13/2008
200. Everything I Do, I Do To Offend You 6/15/2009
Best Poem of Ramona Thompson

Mighty Horny Power Rangers

They've got a libdo and a desire
That can't be controled

They've got the power
To sex you in the shower and they always score

No one can ever keep these rangers down
The power of love sweet love is on their side

Oh oh Power Rangers
Oh oh Power Rangers
Oh oh Power Rangers
Mighty Horny Power Rangers

They love to take their dates
Hard into their hands
They know to always use condoms and practice safe sex

No one can ever keep these rangers down
The power of love sweet love is on their side

Oh oh Power Rangers
Oh oh Power ...

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The Days Of My Love Life

Single and looking for the perfect man to be the father of all my children
Once young and restless
Now all I seek is to find my guiding light
So that I can grow old and happy with my soulmate
Sharing forever together
All the days of our lifes
With only one life to live
This is my hope
My dream

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