Randhir kaur

Gold Star - 9,403 Points [Sardarni] (9/2/1997 / Assam, jorhat)

Randhir kaur Poems

1. No Good. 9/13/2017
2. Me In The Name Of You. 9/29/2017
3. Where Is The Real? Where Is The Sikh? 9/29/2017
4. Change Your Brain 9/29/2017
5. You Are Special 9/29/2017
6. My Love On Its Heights For You! 5/22/2017
7. Shukran! ! 6/3/2017
8. Who Are They? 7/4/2017
9. Flowers Are My But..... 12/4/2015
10. Paigam... 2/8/2017
11. Why Did We Meet? 2/23/2017
12. Help! ! 3/10/2017
13. Love Of A Father And Daughter. 11/23/2016
14. Blue. 4/27/2017
15. Leave Me In Pang! 4/27/2017
16. Comedy And Tragedy Of Life. 4/21/2017
17. A Race Of A Losser... 7/20/2015
18. Eyes Crying Without Tears... 10/16/2015
19. Difference And Pain.. 12/3/2016
20. Sikh (Senryu) 9/24/2016
21. Drop My Pen 7/17/2017
22. Architectural 6/17/2017
23. My Pen Will Insult You. 4/28/2017
24. Life Replied... 11/10/2016
25. To Love And To Be Loved... 7/16/2015
26. In Sojourn To Discern.. 7/9/2016
27. Wake Up... 8/24/2015
28. Smile-Pain 8/18/2016
29. Real Story Behind 12 O Clock... 9/9/2016
30. Let Us Watch... 6/30/2016
31. Who Am I...? 10/30/2016
32. True Love... 7/10/2015
33. Strange Healing 12/31/2016
34. Letters.. 1/10/2017
35. We Meet... 7/31/2016
36. A Memory... 8/30/2016
37. Today Is Yours... 9/5/2016
38. You Mean So Much Dear... 12/19/2016
39. Life (An Echo Verse Poem) 9/14/2015
40. Taste The Journey 7/10/2015

Comments about Randhir kaur

  • Siddartha Montik Siddartha Montik (3/4/2018 6:14:00 AM)

    The swayinbgs of Wheat fields in and around Punjab..just tell only about Singhs the strength in Mind and determination! !

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  • Siddartha Montik Siddartha Montik (3/4/2018 6:08:00 AM)

    And so etc.., even if Hackers talk to me on her web site heer! !

  • Siddartha Montik Siddartha Montik (4/28/2017 6:34:00 AM)

    And some Poets in disguise like Kaur.. Thank Thanks I did not miss one here! ! If two hands are less I am at Please and Pleade I kneed three Hands Plus for her Intelligence! - Me Siddartha on Knees!

  • Siddartha Montik Siddartha Montik (4/28/2017 12:57:00 AM)

    One Young Heart..one never steps back.. a talent she never knows that owns and immaculate! ..I feel Blessed to know such who follows all of her duties and yet to spare time time here on Poems' Site! !

  • Siddartha Montik Siddartha Montik (1/19/2017 3:07:00 AM)

    expensive words. you special((I) ed. thahanku poet! !

  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (10/28/2016 10:58:00 PM)

    Randhir Kaur is a nice, young and dynamic Indian poetess from the beautiful state of Assam. She has broad vision for literary service. She writes poems about love, life, nature, friendship and many more with deep psychological and philosophical touch. She is well skilled in English literature and affectionate to friends, relatives and parents. She gives due regards to fellow poets too. She is very caring in nature and she has singing habit. In spite of her busy study life she gives time for literary perseverance. Her poems are highly appreciated by readers and every poem has broad meaning. I wish her all the best. May God bring unlimited happiness for her.

  • B.m. Biswas B.m. Biswas (7/5/2016 12:59:00 PM)

    Randhir I see you are a person to have a mountain of feelings...but you say you are enthusiastic....enthusiastic for what?
    ...any way I like your....
    .........your quotation.....if I say truth.........heart starts to break.......is an universal touch.........graet and awesome.........hope to follow your poems.

  • Adolphus Moses Adolphus Moses (6/14/2016 6:25:00 AM)

    I love this poem. sound natural.

Best Poem of Randhir kaur

I Love My Life...

I realized, Oh, there\'s
something to be shared
with, Always who
made the capacity to
lift my moods out of
gloom and despair... I
realized, Oh, The Days
and Nights seems to be
equally brighter now,
Always who has enliven
and inspired me even in
the most pensive and
melancholy moments...
They realized, Oh, Now
Randhir is not like quite
before, They
realized, Oh, Now Randhir
\'s smile is quite wide
than before, They
realized, Oh, The real
magic of Love can only
happen to change her,
They realized, Oh, This
would be fair to ...

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Wake Up...

A commence
of dawn sinks
at dusk,
Ever mull
over, why d
earth is round?
A ritual of
religion and d
splendour of

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