Randhir kaur

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I am one a kind, m very
proud to b my own
version... Singing is my
hobby and poetry is my
passion..! I am a
girl, belonging from a
very beautiful soothing
state of Assam
(Jorhat) ..Completed my
schooling at St.Carmel
school and currently
studying at D.C.B. Girls
college, honors in English literature; which is the
NAAC Accredited " ...

Popular Poems
I Love My Life...

I realized, Oh, there\'s
something to be shared
with, Always who
made the capacity to

It Creates A Story In Me...

With your satiny hairs,
You amble without a normal foot.
But with a pristine look,
Your big eyes shines luminously.

What A Day? ? ?

I was elated and the whole throng,
Girls were clamourning a cheers song.
We frabjously watching the cricket match,
One after one enjoyed the defenders catch..

Who Is A Kaur? ? ?

Have you ever thought why Guru Ji, Guru Gobind Singh, gave the Kaur surname to Sikh women? Why did he not accept the status quo and keep the tradition of the woman's surname being determined by her family's name? What was Guru Ji trying to achieve by calling the Sikh woman 'a princess' (literal meaning of Kaur) ? To try to understand the possible reasons behind Guru Ji's decision, we need to look at the situation at the time in different cultures. In Indian society, the brides first and last name was often changed after her marriage. This still happens today. However, this tradition of name changing does not occur just in India. It is a phenomenon, which occurs across the whole world today. Why are women's surnames changed? The reason is family linkage. Surnames allow others to identify you and your family. In some cases the surname can tell others much more about you, such as your caste. For women the linkage to family is different in comparison to men. Their identity changes with marriage. They are no longer associated with their parents, but with their husband's family. Unsurprisingly, the man's name never changes. Some cultures go as far as considering the woman to be the property of others. This was so for the Hindu Law giver, Manu, who claimed that no woman should ever be independent. Christianity considered woman to be a product of man as Eve had come from 'the rib' of Adam. Psychologically, women have accepted these unjust rules. They are resigned to male dominance and allowed themselves to become second-class citizens. Guru ji changed all this with the revelation of the Khalsa. He gave women the opportunity to live life free of the chains of a dogmatic society. It was God's Hukam (will) . Once initiated into the Khalsa, Sikh women obtain the surname Kaur. The surname Singh (Lion) is given to men, but Kaur (princess) is reserved solely for women. This difference in names is not about inequality. Rather, Guru ji recognises the difference between men and women. As individuals we are all different from each other, but this difference does not imply inequality. Women and men are different but remain equals. Guru ji considered women and men to be unique. He respected the sexes and, therefore, made the distinction in surnames.
(In Sikhism 'SINGH' means lion and 'KAUR' means princess) Women were not treated
equally before the time of the
Sikh Gurus, and so to ensure


am girl
with a heart
who want to fly

Popular Quotes
10 July 2015

If I speak then truth, then relations starts to break and If I lie then my heart starts to break.

16 July 2015

A start is the commence of everything and aught to onset is the end.

20 July 2015

U tell, in ur nightmare I am a dream but in my dream you are lost in a blink...

29 July 2015

Dont declare holiday on my death, instead work an extra day, if u love me..(In honour to late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam with his own quote to India)

16 November 2015

Life is a festival. Enjoy every celebrations...


Siddartha Montik 04 March 2018

The swayinbgs of Wheat fields in and around Punjab..just tell only about Singhs the strength in Mind and determination! !

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Siddartha Montik 04 March 2018

And so etc.., even if Hackers talk to me on her web site heer! !

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Siddartha Montik 28 April 2017

And some Poets in disguise like Kaur.. Thank Thanks I did not miss one here! ! If two hands are less I am at Please and Pleade I kneed three Hands Plus for her Intelligence! - Me Siddartha on Knees!

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Siddartha Montik 28 April 2017

One Young Heart..one never steps back.. a talent she never knows that owns and immaculate! ..I feel Blessed to know such who follows all of her duties and yet to spare time time here on Poems' Site! !

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Siddartha Montik 19 January 2017

expensive words. you special((I) ed. thahanku poet! !

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Kumarmani Mahakul 28 October 2016

Randhir Kaur is a nice, young and dynamic Indian poetess from the beautiful state of Assam. She has broad vision for literary service. She writes poems about love, life, nature, friendship and many more with deep psychological and philosophical touch. She is well skilled in English literature and affectionate to friends, relatives and parents. She gives due regards to fellow poets too. She is very caring in nature and she has singing habit. In spite of her busy study life she gives time for literary perseverance. Her poems are highly appreciated by readers and every poem has broad meaning. I wish her all the best. May God bring unlimited happiness for her.

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B.m. Biswas 05 July 2016

Randhir I see you are a person to have a mountain of feelings...but you say you are enthusiastic....enthusiastic for what? ...any way I like your.... .........your quotation.....if I say truth.........heart starts to break.......is an universal touch.........graet and awesome.........hope to follow your poems. Thanks.

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Adolphus Moses 14 June 2016

I love this poem. sound natural.

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