Randy McClave

Gold Star - 11,663 Points (Ashland, Kentucky)

Randy McClave Poems

721. Words 3/20/2011
722. Every Moment 3/21/2011
723. Lonely Tear 3/21/2011
724. Throughout My Youth 3/23/2011
725. Crown Of A Poet 3/23/2011
726. Deeds 3/24/2011
727. Spirits About Us 1/13/2011
728. The Day I Died 1/13/2011
729. You Have Done It Before 3/24/2011
730. My Time Will Come Around 3/25/2011
731. Love Of A Woman 3/26/2011
732. Life You Chose 3/26/2011
733. Just Because 3/29/2011
734. Didn't Know 4/3/2011
735. Always My Bonnie Lass 4/3/2011
736. Poor Little Drea 4/6/2011
737. What A Man Becomes 4/6/2011
738. As Known By 4/1/2011
739. My Son 4/8/2011
740. Dear Wife 4/11/2011
741. Mrs. Hitchcock 4/12/2011
742. The Lover 4/21/2011
743. The Fence 4/21/2011
744. You, My Son 4/21/2011
745. Until Death 4/21/2011
746. Leave Behind 5/2/2011
747. Once 5/4/2011
748. Goodbye Angelina 5/5/2011
749. Live With Yourself 5/9/2011
750. Let The Sword's Rust 5/18/2011
751. Nothing Anymore 4/21/2011
752. Go Back 4/21/2011
753. Grandma 4/21/2011
754. Call It Destiny 6/7/2011
755. Desire 6/7/2011
756. More Of A Man Than Me 6/7/2011
757. Made Me A Man 6/7/2011
758. Valley Of Death 6/7/2011
759. I Don't Care 6/7/2011
760. Tired Of It All 6/7/2011
Best Poem of Randy McClave

Bring Me Flowers

Bring me flowers when I am living
Don't bring me them when I am dead,
Let me enjoy them in the giving
My mother always had said.
Let me hold them in my hands
And smell their fragrant scent,
Then I will reminisce of different lands
Before; I am heaven sent.
I will reflect back when I was young
Or, I might think back not long ago,
When I walked underneath the sun
Or, when I felt the wind as it blowed.

Bring me flowers when I am here
Please don't wait until I am gone,
So, I might reflect to a different year
And my memories will last on.
I ...

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Daddy's Little Klansman

My dad and I never did toss a ball
That is what I remember most of all,
But, instead stones and bricks we did toss
And together occasionally we burnt a cross.
Many times we dressed up as though trick or treating
But, only when dad and me went to a special meeting,
There we were taught of hated of all blacks and every Jew
Then we would fight them all, until we were black and blue.
We screamed to everyone that God was on our side

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