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the clouds cover my heart,
I am alone in hospital,

I lost my love

By my tears I wrote this poem
To my son Waseem
The night is too dark.
The clouds cover the stars.

The love is life, the love is death.
It gives power or loose strength.
We can happy or we can sad.
We can be wise or we can be mad.

Why do we fall in love?
Are we blind or open eyes?
Every thing by wish we did.
But in love no one be wise.

My dreams broke between your hands.
Love grew inside your eyes,

Why did I fall in love with you?
Why did I give you my heart forever?

Mad lover

I feel it is difficult to describe my love.
Describe our love and shining days.

Fasting is the best way for peace,
Fasting is the best way for love,


from the depth of pain, the love will rain.
the sun will shine, again and again.

Do you still remember-our paste days,
When we were at the nice valley

My lovely mother
No wind blew at all, we are on hot summer.
I am feeling too cold, and cut by thousand cutter.
Were the strength I have, do I lost my power?

My lovely lovely wife

Suddenly my lovely wife falls down.
A blood clots hits her brain,

You are my lovely granddaughter,
You are my poems book,
I grant you my hope, my dreams, my heart,

Today I have very good news,
I have a new granddaughter,

In spite the pain of my heart,
Nothing pleasure my sweetheart,
Like grandchildren surrounding me,
With their smiles, come from heart.

Hotel room
In London

in my hotel room,

You are my love,
The music love,
The songs of love,
The weaves of love,

This is my love, my 5th letter,
You do not left my thoughts at all,
I want take you between my arms,
I want to smell my nice flower.

I look outside my sitting room,
My thoughts can reach my lovely home,
I asked the wind to carry my heart,
To be a gift, for lovely wife.

Rasheed Alqahas Biography

From the depth of Arabian Desert, from the place were the poems was born, were the shepherds sang, when they travelled with their sheep and camels from oasis to oasis under the shining sun and under the moon light that kisses the twinkle stars in the darkness nights, My grand fathers came. The poems spring out from their hearts to meet the others hearts and from the depth of the soles of those people to color the life, to give it the beauty that may never found in city where no one knows his neighbor. My father even he was uneducated but he say poems, so my uncle and my aunt. I am proud to say that I am from SAUDI ARABIA the country that rises up to be one of the best modern countries. I have few collections of Arabian poems, i published one and the others will publish later.)

The Best Poem Of Rasheed Alqahas

Alone In Hospital

the clouds cover my heart,
I am alone in hospital,
nurses coming and out,
I feel I am alone.

Even nurses here and there,
I am out of the world,
sad and pain hit my face,
how bad to be alone.

The doctor whispered to me,
be brave, don, t afraid,
tomorrow will be better,
be strong as a stone.

My mind had been ruined,
i can, t thinking at all,
the sky seems hazy,
how sad to be alone.
Seconds seem ages;
the day a thousand year,
the fear inside my body,
told me, you are alone.

Suddenly I saw a shade,
could that be my wife?
Could sons come to see,
how sad I am alone.

The shade became too close,
O, God they are my sons,
my love is coming with them,
how bad I was alone.

By love they covered my sky,
by love returned my soul,
their love grant me the strength,
in front of being alone.

Tomorrow will repair my heart,
tomorrow is a biggest day,
even if I died that day.
By love I am not alone.

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