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2081. Poemhunter Poets 5/7/2018
2082. A Song For Myself 4/29/2018
2083. A Poet Comments On Poems 4/29/2018
2084. Go To A Garden And Sulk 4/29/2018
2085. A Hand-Mirror Poem By Walt Whitman In Hindi/Urdu 4/19/2018
2086. Haiku - Your Looks 3/24/2018
2087. I Am Possessed 4/19/2018
2088. Do Not Desire Me So Much 4/19/2018
2089. Indian Poets' Poems On Poemhunter On August 2,2018 8/2/2018
2090. Akhtar Jawad's Paki Nation Of Allah 7/5/2018
2091. I Am Hungry For Your Mouth, Your Voice, Your Skin, Love Sonnet Xi Of Pablo Neruda In English Translation 6/6/2018
2092. And Talk Of Day's Events 6/24/2018
2093. One Day Just For Nothing, A Hindi Poem By Rajnish Manga Into English Translation 5/17/2018
2094. Jhoothi Mohabbat (Fake Love) 2/27/2019
2095. Us K Reshmi Haath 2/5/2019
2096. A Take On Luo Zhihai's Poem: Poetry And Ink Are Fragrant At Poemhunter 1/29/2019
2097. "During Wind And Rain" By Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) , In Hindi/Urdu Translation 3/13/2019
2098. Defamation - Poem By Dillip K Swain In Hindi Translation 3/27/2019
2099. My Murderer In Punjabi Translation 4/9/2019
2100. Quiet Night Thought, A Chinese Poem By The Tang Dynasty Poet Li Bai In English Translation 6/7/2019
2101. Humming Bird 7/19/2018
2102. Kabir: Shadows In The Evening Fall 3/28/2019
2103. Toofaan, A Hindi/Urdu Translation Of Tempestous, A Prose Love Poem By Pamela Dietz 1/26/2020
2104. An Honest Admission (एक ईमानदार स्वीकोक्त)rajnish Manga's Hindi Poem In English Translation 4/18/2019
2105. 'Hope' Is The Thing With Feathers, A Poem Of Emily Dickinson In Urdu Translation 12/6/2017
2106. Poetry 11/15/2017
2107. The Fond Memories Of My Village! 3/16/2018
2108. Peace 12/3/2018
2109. Elizabeth Frye's Poem Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep In Punjabi Translation 8/11/2018
2110. Delusion 12/6/2018
2111. Juliet's Soliloquy (Juliet Ki Khud Kalami)- Poem By William Shakespeare In Hindi/Urdu Translation 2/21/2019
2112. Badnami (Defamation) , A Poem By Dilip K Swain In Punjabi Translation 3/28/2019
2113. In My Loneliness 7/19/2018
2114. "I Once Heard In A Church" 3/23/2019
2115. Teorema (Theorem) , A Short Brazilian Portuguese Poem By Clarissa Macedo In Hindi/Urdu Translation 1/29/2019
2116. What Your Smile Did To Me. A Couplet In Urdu Translated Into English 2/21/2019
2117. Loneliness Ain't Solitude 10/6/2019
2118. Haiku - Cold 2/18/2018
2119. A Song From My Heart 4/28/2018
2120. Haiku - Swallows Peeh Peeh 5/16/2018

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An Ode To Chalk

easily powdered
you come in all colors
pink, orange, red, blue
yellow, indigo, all hues
I use white to write and prove
theorem of Pythagoras on
black boards for my students
kids use it to color their books
artists use it to draw nudes
in all shapes and sizes -
the pleasant plumps
with huge butts and boobs
and the skinny like bamboo shoots
all bare bones no flesh to hide
no boobs, no butts, no nothing
just pretty faces with smiles
all luster and lust, nothing else
but chalk, O dear chalk
all of them, you ...

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If You Swoon In My Arms

If you swoon in my arms
I'll give you breath of life,
pouring my soul into you.
Your soul will meet mine
and say: hey sweet one,
welcome home, I've been
waiting for you so long!

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