Ravinder Malhotra Poems

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Sir. Md. Iqbal Revisited...Saare Jahan Se Aacha..

Saare jahan se aacha
Hindustan humara
Na bijli hai na paani
Ye gulistan humara

A College Going Daughter's Prayer

Lord put money in my bank
And I shall call and earnestly thank
Ma who pestered Pa to bend
To her whims and bitterly end

But They Were All Just Lies..

He always said he'd love me
Forever it was I
Someone very special
I never questioned why

The Rose I Loved

A crimson bloom amongst the buds
It’s magic hue caught my eye
A pretty rose yet untouched
Under the open sky

The 100 Poets Nite At Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi

I am furious, numb and sore my dear
For this 'nite' I can only shed a tear
Saw two fools trying to test
Who’s the bigger and the best

60 Years After Independence... The Reality!

Tamaam umr maayusiyon ka kaafila raha
Jeene ka hans ke phir bhi hausla raha

Kabhi kisi ki jeet pe kabhi kisi ki haar pe


Out in the cold on X’Mas eve
Under a winter sky,
To save her daughter born today
She must somehow try

Poetry & Prose

If I would write a poem
Be it on a rose,
It would rhyme gently
And would not read as prose

Happy New Year

H ere are my wishes for you my friends
A s 2009 finally ends
P ray you be happy and ever gain
P lenty of Love to ever remain

Nursery Prose

'The essence of poetry' said Robert Frost
'Is that in translation which gets lost'
But yowlers to this pay no heed
Raw words to them is poetry indeed

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