Rebeckah Schroeder Poems

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We Are Only Teens

We are only teens,
we don't see life in your eyes,
we have our own personallity,
we have our own opinion,

I Dont Know Why But I Want To Cry*

This is my favorite poem so far.

I feel an emptiness inside of me,
I feel pain that really isn't there,

Finding A Place In This World

I dont know where I belong,
I dont know what to do,
I am just trying to figure out life
one thing at a time.


I can't do this anymore,
I can't keep living life this way,
I can't find the answers I am looking for,
I can't help but want to runaway.


I cry in the morning,
I cry at night,
I cry even when I am not crying.
I cry when there are no more tears to cry.

Yesterday's Moments...Today's Tears*

Yesterday I felt something that I never felt before,
For the first time I felt lonley and depressed.
But today the feeling is gone,
but yet today is the day I have tears.

Finding Myself

I wake up and look in the mirror,
and Im really not sure who's looking back at me.
My heart is filled with pain,
but I still have a smile on my face.


The only one I wanted had to go so fast,
you broke my heart into two as I saw you laying there.
Now as you look upon me you're always in my prayers.
The special one looking down the one who always cares.

God Gave Me...

God gave me eyes so I could see,
God gave me legs so I could walk,
God gave me hands so I could feel,
God gave me ears so I could hear,

Fake Smiles

They cover,
they hide it,
they lie,
Fake smiles...

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