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I live in Melbourne, Australia. That makes me an Australian, a Melburnian, a lover of Australian Rules football and someone who eats sharks with his chips and pronounces route to rhyme with boot, and castle to rhyme with vassal. Though, if it suited poetic necessity, I'd have more than enough lack of principle to make castle rhyme with parcel.
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One Day If I Could Spend The Night

One day, perhaps if I could spend the night,
I would stack your hearth with firewood,
and we could sit together, on your couch.
You, your feet tucked under you

My Maggie

She isn't beautiful as Nefertiti was.
And, unlike Helen,
her face will never launch a thousand ships.
No, her beauty is more open, than entrancing

Her Golden Veil

She moves to kiss me from above,
her body over mine,
moves to brush back her hair,
to keep it from my face when,

How We Used To Be

Do you remember how we used to be?
It was only such a little while ago,
that we were in love.
We wrote and said and did, too much to doubt our feelings.

But Enough

I love the look that's in your eyes
when we're lying close together.
Gentle warmth with a hint of smile
telling me you love me,

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