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Once upon a time, there was a little boy
who kept pondering at the moon
he was wondering how it will be such a joy
when he visits it so soon.

When we are sad....
every thing turn bad.
When we are sad....
we may heavily cry

People wanted to change their fate
they couldn't no longer shut up and wait
years have passed and decade after decade
and still didn't know how to liberate

Why do you think I am not like you?
I know I can drink and do what you can do.
I need to be a human for once in my life
I'm not the kind of person who always holds a knife.

Since I opened my little eyes
I saw you happy and smiling
I know I was too young to realise
but I'm sure I felt something

Farewell King Of Pop, Farewell Moon Walker
Farewell Michael Jackson, Farwell our best joker.
Here is Michael Jackson, the one,
who connected the black and white

Mother! Where have you gone?
Please speak to your daughter and son.
Where are your rights?
I'm seeking for them day and night.

Problems, problems everywhere
they always exist here and there.
No solutions are found until today
eventually they are moving to the worst way.

When we are happy, sad or ashamed
we need to tell any body about our feeling.
As many people, I do the same
to make myself happy and cheering.

This poem is dedicated to my dear friend 'Merna'

Is death a curse or a gift?
I know it's something our shoulders can't lift


This a duet from 'Reem Ehab & Merna Ibrahim'

Why we are not looking in the bright side of the person except when he is gone?
In my bewailing world, I feel grievous and alone.

What is fiction and what is fact?

in my restless mind I think it's an act

The Best Poem Of Reem Ehab

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a little boy
who kept pondering at the moon
he was wondering how it will be such a joy
when he visits it so soon.
In his imagination, he saw a beautiful Fairy
it came to him and asked for a wish
he asked her to go to the moon
and so she immediately called a Fish.
The Fish took him into the moon
through the big sea of the sky
and so it was after the noon
when he found himself where he wanted to fly.
He saw a world made of pureness and calmness
and creatures all dressed in white
it was like a planet full of charm
and everywhere was made of light.
The Fish took him to a place
where he saw the happy Nile
then he saw a big face
which was followed by an innocent smile.
From this smile, appeared a little boy
who started to play with him with a beautiful kite
then he gave him a small toy
and said to him 'Good Night'.
After a while the boy was at home
carrying with him the small toy
it was the Fish holding the other boy
and they were both smiling at him.
And so it was the little boy's dream
which is beautiful as it seems.

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Merna Ibrahim 19 February 2010

Reem is a very good, friendly, loyal and faithful person. She is a very good poetess too, I wish her all the best in her life.I really love her and appreciate her....From her friend: Merna.

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Zeinab Sherif 10 July 2009

u r wonderful, ur poems r great. u r a kind sister &a loyal friend.

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