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Spring In My Heart.

she is the queen of flowers the whole year
but she is the spring it self & more
the spring is designed specially for her 2 wear
&the sun rises everyday 2 smile 2 her from the door

Diaries Of A Mermaid

Everyday, i roam around the reef & think
Think of the lighted arrows which warms me
I hear above voices of people laughing & crying, so i take a wink
Then i became curious 2 know the world outside the sea

Chitchat Under 20

It is important 2 talk 2 ur self about ur self 2 know ur self
Omar ibrahim shared a great part of the poem
It is a duet with omar ibrahim.

A Knight's Tale

Once upon a time, there was a man
Who came with a message
A message of peace which ran
Across the world like the blood passage.

The Last Dance Of The Moon Walker

the king of pop is now indeed
resting&living at last in peace
his life 2 his fans was not just an open book 2 read
but a history of giving&humanity which didn't cease

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