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she is the queen of flowers the whole year
but she is the spring it self & more
the spring is designed specially for her 2 wear
&the sun rises everyday 2 smile 2 her from the door

Everyday, i roam around the reef & think
Think of the lighted arrows which warms me
I hear above voices of people laughing & crying, so i take a wink
Then i became curious 2 know the world outside the sea

It is important 2 talk 2 ur self about ur self 2 know ur self
Omar ibrahim shared a great part of the poem
It is a duet with omar ibrahim.

Once upon a time, there was a man
Who came with a message
A message of peace which ran
Across the world like the blood passage.

the king of pop is now indeed
resting&living at last in peace
his life 2 his fans was not just an open book 2 read
but a history of giving&humanity which didn't cease

smell the lavender today
&cull a bouquet 2 ur lover
say goodbye 2 the life in grey
&welcome a new one with happiness among each other

thank u! thank u!
never gona believe what I say
Alas! it came out of my mind today
I was faked by u.

You forgot me
i see
technology took u away from me
I see

In the dark forest, a big, wild wolf was chasing a gazelle, till the gazelle stopped at a dead end & there were only the gazelle & the wolf:

Gazelle =G wolf =W
G: stop! stop! That's enough! i can't bear any more

I know that life had taken a lot from u in a hurry
I know that your eyes became red from crying
I know that your mind was about 2 explode from your worry
I know that u'll never return like before, flying.

I'll think of u every day
U'll be a part of my heart
I'll see from your eyes our glowy way
&your words 'll teach me how you're smart.

I'm a girl but a unique one
My mind is my own second world
Away from the deeds of devil's son
&close to the world where dreams u can hold

Some girls r really weird
Oh! u tell me about it
Their hilarious attitude will not be ceased
They cry, laugh, shout&fight all in one minute.

If u r confused what 2 do
2 lose a person bothering u
here is my dear the clue
first&last do as I'll tell u.

Shall we sing a lovely song
A song of tender heart, it won't take long
A song of beautiful days that touched me
A dong of friendship that is really strong

All my sons, I realized u r
But alas, after we became 2 far
I didn't have the courage 2 say googbye
I was afraid from ur question why? !

Don't think of me again
For only sadness & torment u'll gain
&why 2 drawn ur heart in my ocean
The only ocean where u swim with no caution

I wish u tell me who r u?
Or comfort me & say that u r not fye
I wish u take me high 2 the sky
Or just look at me & say I love u

Ask the sea everyday
Make the moon talk my lord, so he can hear
It is wailing, it's saying ur name my dear
Repeating more&more what i wish 2 say

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Spring In My Heart.

she is the queen of flowers the whole year
but she is the spring it self & more
the spring is designed specially for her 2 wear
&the sun rises everyday 2 smile 2 her from the door

what present maybe enough for u?
a part of the moon? ! or all the stars in the sky? !
But I can't give u the most expensive diamond in the world, u know why?
Because u r the most expensive diamond in the world, it's true

If I collected all the words of love in the world
They'll only make a dropp of water in ur giving sea
U a precious prize 2 me from the lord
Without u I would never be me

My words r wet with my tears
&my hands r trembling from my fears
u'll be proud of me my dear
u'll be proud of me wherever u go
I'll tell the whole world about the burden that no one can bear
But u.My best I'll do&I won't let u down.No.

How much did u pay
For me 2 be sth. Bright
U r my beautiful day
U r my moonlit night

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