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Why when dirges were sung
Valedictions for the unsung
You were never sprung

Enshrined in our shrines is the carcass of an icon
Archived in our archives are the achievements of a prodigy
An outstanding outsider from the Outsiders outfit
A maestro who mastered the art of local rhumba

So the gust raised the dust
It swiftly swept and soughed
Subtly whispered and stirred a fume
Scent of a sent whence I cared not to know

Behind the counter,
Doer chilling doing just fine
He who to this climate hast acclimatised
On this trend treading hence his trade


That scything scathing sensation evoked when assailed
Rather an incisive infliction of affliction
The pinch!
Thence the twinge

Wishing you well
Albeit unwell
All is well
All will be well

A hypnotizing figure moulded to perfection
A charming smile, so stunning, so inviting
Sheer cuteness invoking a profound sense of affection
Never ceasing to shine like sunshine

To the allure of thy exceptional elegance
The ubiquity of descending ravens
When in descent we descend down a steep descent
Warily watch for virile vultures of virulence

Manja kwamuri Masibanda
Shumba yakabara shumba yekwa Chirumhanzi
Poto-njere yaibika zvisina kana chipomera
Chapupuri chakavhunga nyika nanhasi takasenga nhoroondo

Forgetful Forget Forget me not

I am no saint nor sent of God
At times it is wise to act unwise


Piercing cry parody of prior squeals unheard
Thine hums unintelligible entreaties floating around
In thine clenched fists all they confiscated
Shall I call you SHALOM!

Nonchalant in my purgatory
Notwithstanding my trajectory
Haunted no more by many a maudlin tale
Hounded neither by this raging gale


Intruder innocuous
In apparel incongruous
Insignia of my inertia
Motionless as though lifeless

Waky! Waky!
To a not so wacky frankincense
Penning still from a cesspit of pain
How my hunk I dragged in sweeping rain

Sleek and sly
As though at pains to fly
Masons of stonemasonry impeccable
A fortress impregnable

How we missed a missive intellible
Laced to a dame's scarred countenance
Tapestry to a mystery jarring
The cardinal sins behind the scenes

O, dame!

Had nature never sired torrential insurgences rocking the yacht


Pardon me,
Neither would I have heard the soothsayers whispering
Nor the chiming bells of Zion beckoning
Itinerary unclear,


I could be an esteemed echelon of eminence
I could be a conquering panjandrum preening in plush
The wraith,
O, that leery wraith!

I know,
Yes I know
I know how it reeks
It gushed in my presence

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Charge It Full

Why when dirges were sung
Valedictions for the unsung
You were never sprung

Charge it full!
Lest you miss the missives
Quiet in our disquiet
Revolution our resolution

Charge it full!
Abuzz the gourd of consciousness
Hence a potpourri of change inevitable
Finesse fine and mightier than spewed propaganda

Charge it full!
Lest you miss unfolding dramas staged by the missus
The schism thanks to the intrigue of her innuendos
Hence crescendos of tiffs gone awry

Charge it full!
Cuddling with these gadgets of convenience
Courtesy of the advent of social media
Our weaponry mightier than their armory
Ours shan't be a pyrrhic victory

Worthwhile meanwhile to wait a while
While you charge the battery full
Charge it full!
Lest in this day of erratic supply
A power cut conks the charge

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Do not learn as u grow but rather grow as u learn

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Reginald Ruwende Popularity

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