Reihaneh Jalalian

Reihaneh Jalalian Poems

1. My Dreams Will Come True 11/13/2008
2. When A Girl Is Bored 1/8/2009
3. You'Ll Be Safe, Just Trust Me 11/13/2008
4. When I Was Disappointed 12/5/2008
5. I Will Buy You A New Life 2/10/2009
6. Dark Night 2/5/2009
7. A School Is Always A School 11/13/2008
8. My Lost City 11/13/2008
9. That Lonely Girl 11/13/2008
10. Miles Away 1/9/2009
11. Grandma 2/9/2009
12. Maybe A Dream 1/8/2009
13. A Red Gift 1/16/2009
14. Do You Know What Exactly Freedom Means? 12/5/2008
15. I Try To Forget 3/15/2009
16. A Droplet Of Rain 1/22/2009
Best Poem of Reihaneh Jalalian

A Droplet Of Rain

A droplet of rain
On the shoulder of the wind
Is lost in a big desert
A droplet with no wishes
Why no grass why no trees

He has God in his watery heart
Talking to him all the time
No water no food
I want none of them I'll prove

He starts crying
And then
His tears water the ground
And the first flower grows

Something that only a red heart can hear
Is coming down to the desert
Droplet heard it with his heart

A droplet falls in his hand
O, its raining
Thank you my only God
Soon the grass grow
And a bird song is ...

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My Lost City

Here I can smell the tears of the clouds
Here the pitter-patter of rain is too loud
Here the wind blows from my lost city
Here the rainbow smiles like a baby

Here the window, the heavens, the love, the air, and the moon is amazing
Here the first bloom of spring is smiling
No one can see my tears, yes my eyes are weepy
I know my God is so near, yes I am not sleepy

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