Dr John Celes Retirement Poems

On Retirement

Retire man, so what!
’Tis just a natural thing
That many tend to do.

Retirement Is Just Natural

Retirement’s good in life on earth,
And gives you time to think, reset;
And doing things of greater worth
For heart and soul, spirit, I bet.

Sonnet: Is Retirement, A Boon?

Retirement for me has come too soon!
To me, it has not made a difference;
The teaching profession is but a boon;
You keep on working without severance.

Retirement's, A Natural Thing

Retirement's the time to leave
Some things you did for long;
And do those things you couldn't find time,
And sing your lifetime's song!

After Retirement, I Want To…

Stop time for some time;
Find time to breathe with ease;
Enjoy the cool breeze;
Sleep in peace and get up late;


A doctor colleague and a friend so thick,
The help you rendered, can I forget soon?
A friend in need is rare for me to pick;
To Institution, you appeared a boon!

‘happy Retirement, Dear Sir! '

Born on the day when Christ was born,
A person lucky you're!
A day, world celebrates the morn,
When came Bethlehem's star.

Tribute To A Fine Bureaucrat On His Retirement

The years you served in IAS were great!
An exemplary man, you surely were;
Your neat attire, courteousness superb
Displayed a person wise and experienced!

Admiration: On Your Retirement

The road appears to end for now,
But it is not the end of life;
’Tis time to think of resting more,
Avoiding travail and life’s strife.