Everybody Is Getting Out Of Town Poem by Richard Jarboe

Everybody Is Getting Out Of Town

Rating: 4.5

Population, getting out of town,
Population, got their running shoes,
Population, wondering which road to choose,
Everybody's getting out of town.

They all want to leave; they would if they could,
But right now the road's no good,
If you're not crying, you might as well laugh,
While you're trying to get out of town.

Power plant, glowing in the dark,
Nobody sure, what set the spark,
They say the island is sinking fast,
Everybody's getting out of town.

Population, looking for a sign,
Whose fault is it, living on the fault line?
Better do better if there IS a next time,
But for now, just get out of town.

Population, looking for something to eat,
Population, looking for what WAS the street,
If you leaving, all you got is your feet,
Good luck getting out of town.


Population popping every day The planet bursting all around Population the cause of our dismay And no real solution can yet be found Good poem Sir and I invite you to my page

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Owain Glyn 04 January 2013

Well put together, maybe it's best to live away from the cities!

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 04 January 2013

Wonderful poem on our fear of future..I hope that this kind of situation will never occur! an interesting piece of work! well done!

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Tyra Rumo 04 January 2014

my husband dan passed this along to me... loving the underlying message here... cant wait to navigate through the rest of your poetry

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Dan Rumo 04 January 2014

You have gained a new fan in me..great content thanks for sharing your a master of the craft

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Chinedu Dike 19 February 2017

An insightful depiction of the state of unrest before and during a natural disaster is aptly captured in the poem. Awesome poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Rajnish Manga 04 January 2015

Congrats, third time in a row, this is the 'Poem of the Day'. The scene reflects the scurry during a catastrophe. Very realistic description. Thanks..

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Kim Barney 04 January 2015

Well written, and congratulations on having it selected as poem of the day on January 4 for two years in a row!

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Kanniappan Kanniappan 17 January 2014

Hi Richard, Everybody is Getting Out of Town is a nice poem. You are right that people started moving out of the town in South Tamil Nadu, especially Nagappattinam, Karaikal and adjacent coastal cities when Psunami occurred during 26th December,2004 in India.

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Adell Barger 04 January 2014

This is quite thought provoking and timely. Well said Jarboe.

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