That's What Makes America Cool, You Know? Poem by Richard Jarboe

That's What Makes America Cool, You Know?

Rating: 4.5

With apology to Bruce Willis...

we don't wrap our women up in burkas,
we like bikinis on the beach,
we invented hula hoops and frisbees,
we tolerate what anyone may preach,
we got chicken in every pot,
cars in every parking lot,
that's what makes America cool, you know?

we can only smoke cigarettes on the street,
we strap our babies down in a car seat,
if you come here you will learn,
we're cautious at every turn,
every chick and dude knows all about health food,
we play rock and roll with attitude,
that's what makes America cool, you know?

for the most part we win the wars we fight,
for the most part we know wrong from right,
we got sports and movies on our t.v.
twenty- four seven, sea to shining sea,
the casinos here are ace,
we handle our toxic waste,
that's what makes America cool, you know?

Lots of people sneak into our country,
Very few people try to sneak away,
pretty soon, we'll be back on the moon,
if you say we can't, you'll soon change your tune,
there ain't nothing we can't do,
Man, we're the red, white, and blue,
that's what makes America, cool, you know?
That's what makes America cool.

Wes Vogler 13 April 2017

Bravo ... maybe what is needed ... ignoring the Trump so far ... you write very well

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Chinedu Dike 11 January 2017

Beautiful patriotic piece of poetry, well articulated and insightfully brought forth with conviction. A lovely poem indeed. 'In God We Trust.' Thanks for sharing.

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Martin O'Neill 25 January 2012

Hmmm...'tolerate what anyone may preach..'? a few people may take exception to that as a statement of fact in America. Gays and Atheists in particular. And why apologise to Bruce Willis? He's a rich actor, he deserves whatever comes his way for earning ludicrous amounts of money for playing pretend. Oh, with regard to toxic waste, do a little digging on gas supplies across America from oil shale deposits. Scary stuff. No. Really. SCARY stuff.

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Dave Walker 19 November 2011

Great poem, really liked it. Good write.

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