A Lonely Heart Via J. Partee Poem by Richard McClellan

A Lonely Heart Via J. Partee

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I am sitting all alone-tonight, weary, sad and blue.

Thinkin of the past my dear, and how I'm missing you,

You know I always loved you, and thought we'd never part.

I hope that you are happy now, with your new found friend,

And that he will treat you kindly, and your joy will never end.

I will try to go through life somehow and do the best I can.

But I know that I will always be a very lonely man.

I tried to make you happy for I loved you from the start.

But all I have to show, is a broken, bleeding heart.

So go ahead and have your fun, I'll always love you true,

And wile your life is filled with joy, remember mine is blue.

Neela Nath Das 28 February 2012

Richard, your poem is very nice.Your loneliness, your yearn for your unrequited love will hum in the reader's mind. You have the true spirit of a poet! Wish you good luck. neila nathdas from India.

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Jinal Oswal 19 October 2011

Thats sad! ! Richard, nothing in this whole world is permanent.. Every thing in this world changes... Though it is not easy to forget.. It is not hard to be happy... It is upto you what you choose..... Lovely poem :) God Bless you!

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