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Friends come,
and friends go,
But love is eternal!

As I walk further into the building
The music becomes deafening
I fall into a sleep
I keep dreaming of the world

Even though you're still here
It feels like you're gone
The future I thought we had
Will not hold true anymore

The fourth is a story of Happiness.
Ronnie and Henry had been dating for about four months.
Henry wanted to get to know him better before he introduced Ronnie to Omar.
He was afraid of Omar getting attached and Ronnie leaving.

The seventh is a story of Family.
After hearing part of the argument Henry ran to Omar's room to try to protect him.
Just as he got to the bedroom door he heard a gunshot.
Once he was in the room Henry called the police, 'Please you have to hurry my lover's ex showed up.

Here I sit trying to forget the pain.
I now know that the only way to relinquish my shadow self,
Is to wash my hands of my past.
I need to forgive myself for my indescresions.

It was a dark and stormy night.
The sky was pitch black and the clouds were red as crimson.
I was walking down a dark and desolate road.
I had been running for most of my life it seems.

The final is a story of History.
Who am I to tell you this story?
Who am I to know all of this.
I am Omar, and I am now in my late twenties.

Here I sit trying not to cry.
I know that I have done wrong but, as to what I am lost.
So here I sit trying to reach out.
Yet, I find no hand to hold.

The fifth is a story of Regret.
Mike had started to feel remorseful about the way he had treated Ronnie.
He wanted to make it up to him.
He decided to try to go and talk to Ronnie.

The sixth is a story of Murder.
In the middle of dinner Ronnie got a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach.
They had already sent Omar to bed because he was sleepy.
During their conversation on how they wanted the relationship to progress the doorbell rang.

I am many
I am all
I am one
I am me

This poem was written in 2008 in remembrance of my unborn son that would have been born in 1998. I love you Joshua

...A baby's first laugh can make you cry
...A Baby's first step can make you fall

Why do I stand here today?
Why haven't I faltered and fallen to the way side as you have wanted me to?
Why do I insist on being true to myself instedad of faltering when you shine on me your eyes?
Why do I stand strong in the face of what you throw at me, when you think I should be cowering with in the shadows and not show my face again upon your world?

No more wind
No more rain
No more sorrow
No more pain

Where is God where is the everlasting love that I was told about? Where is the forgiveness and love unconditional?
Where is the hand to help me up and out?
Where is the shoulder to cry upon and the hand to dry my tears?
I feel like I am alone in a world full of loneliness and hatred.

You broke through my defenses
You broke straight into my heart
Before I knew it, you had my heart in the palm of your hands
Right from the start I fell in love

The day gives way to darkness
The darkness becomes eternal
Within the darkness is shadows
Shadows of the fallen

The light within has faded
And the darkness is closing in
There's a chance to break through
One arrow to shatter the heartache

The voices have faded
As I work alone in the solace of the night
The deep cold embraces me like death embraced the old world
The streets are deserted

The Best Poem Of Rikki Giovani

Eternal Love

Friends come,
and friends go,
But love is eternal!

Lovers come,
and lovers go,
but love is eternal!

You may feel like you can do no right,
and that everything is dreary,
But love is eternal!

You may feel that you are wandering,
and that you will always be lost,
But love is eternal!

You may feel that no one cares,
and that you are hopelessly alone,
But love is eternal!

You may feel that no one loves you,
and that you may never love yourself,

But just remember,
No matter how down you feel,
how happy you are,
or even what stage of life you are in,
love is eternal!

You are always loved no matter what,
Someone loves you,
But first of all,
you need to love yourself.

And just remember

'Fall 2008'

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