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Riley Choma Poems

1. Fostered Pain 9/28/2013
2. In Love 12/16/2013
3. In Hate 12/16/2013
4. Love 12/16/2013
5. Words 1/12/2014
6. Desire 2/11/2014
7. Birds Who Refuse To Fly 5/4/2014
8. Who I Am 5/4/2014
9. In A World 6/30/2014
10. Identity 6/30/2014
11. Tell Me 6/30/2014
12. Eight Hundred And Eighty Five Words 7/23/2014
13. Art 7/28/2014
14. Indifference 10/23/2014
15. The Truth They Hide From You And Me 11/11/2014
16. Row By Row 1/8/2012
17. It Was The First Of Fourth 1/8/2012
18. Struggling To Maintain 1/8/2012
19. I Am Me 4/25/2013
20. What We Can'T Have 2/7/2015
21. Death 2/7/2015
22. Sleepless Nights 2/23/2015
23. For The Times That I Am Not There 8/25/2015
24. Little Miss Miss-Shapen 9/21/2015
25. Lost 9/22/2015
26. Infinitely Infinite 10/2/2015
27. Bubble Girl 12/21/2015
28. Alive 2/16/2016
29. Life Goes On 3/1/2016
30. The Thing I Want Are Those Which Can Not Be Bought. 4/5/2016
31. Forward Realizations 4/21/2016
32. The Storm 6/10/2016
33. Perhaps Too Much 8/25/2016
34. Until It Happens To You 9/11/2016
35. They Never Know What To Say 10/14/2016
36. Obsessed 10/14/2016
37. I Like Girls That 10/14/2016
38. An Open Letter For Closure 10/14/2016
39. Here Is To The Freedom To Move On; For You And For Me. 10/14/2016
40. Anxious 10/14/2016

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We are told what a woman should be, and in an instant it becomes a childhood dream.

I was told about beauty before I learned my body had a brain, and I became obsessed with becoming the teenage girls on TV.

In the 2nd grade I remember going to school and being put down because you couldn't see my bones, and my face was too round.

Every year they told me I was ugly so in grade 5 I wore makeup and fancy clothing hoping they couldn't see through me.

They called me a slut so in grade 6 I dressed in guys clothing.

They called me a fat lesbian bitch while I was ...

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Struggling To Maintain

One want, One need, Strugeling to maintain...
Life darkens, brightens and fades, and so soon it shall drain, strugling to maintain..

Hiding thoughts of in sincerity... Loosing chances, Loosing options, Gaining procrastination...

so fall shall I, Thought less, life less, speach less, strugeling to maintain....

A soul left to shater, before you I stand battered and Tattered, strugling to maintain, and so here i remain...

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