A Mermaid's Tale © Poem by Roann Mendriq

A Mermaid's Tale ©

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With limpid inky pools for eyes,
and wavy hair like watered silk;
Pink coral lips to tantalise,
Skin like fresh strawberry milk.

A wistful mermaid in the sea,
fretted for a love divine;
Lost in youthful fantasy;
For her merman did she pine.

But being man, he sought a treasure,
of the stout mermanly kind;
No time for lazy, loving pleasure,
Adventure was now his to find.

She pouted then and crooned a song,
a haunting, wretched, doleful tune;
Of tender young love gone all wrong,
She starved beneath the waning moon.

Then, all at once, a wind blew nigh,
and blustered at her in a shout;
"Quit moping child and rise up high,
and wipe away that childish pout! "

"Quit pining for a love that's lost,
Quit fretting; you must start anew,
Your tears are not worth such a cost,
Now, look for love all around you! "

That obedient child paid good heed,
and quit her dour, dismal ballad;
And began to dine on fresh seaweed,
and a sweet, fresh polyp salad.

She sang then of her love for sea,
in all its great, tempestous splendour;
Of the wild and wailing banshee,
of its bleak and ancient grandeur.

She sang of the loving of the waves,
of their passion's slick caress;
Of the secret treasure caves,
that she would one night reposess.

Her chanting, lilting melody,
was loved by all the folk at sea;
Who joined her chorus wild and free,
and loved to love her lovingly.

And as she loved and loved she was,
the story of her love began;
She ne'er had time to even pause,
for the loving of a mere merman!

Monday, April 21, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: fantasy
Gajanan Mishra 21 April 2014

story of love, I like it, thanks.

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 21 April 2014

as always, wonderful rhymed flow!

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