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Beyond the dead pan face,
Lies a heart that lacks pace,
A mind that longs to stimulate,
A smile that cannot compensate.

Dear Marilyn,
This big world was too cruel for one so fragile,
It’s no surprise you broke down once in a while.
Your smile inspires but it still brings on tears,

How do you feel?
Is all this real?
I hate to talk and that is how,
I’ll feel the same tomorrow as I do now,

The pain of immobility and silence;
suffocating with their mystic mockery.
And the lingering fragrance of prophecy
exists only within hidden footsteps.

A space usually full of colour and vitality now lies fallow.
It’s desolate here; the wind is fierce and the sand is hard.
A grim picture of grey awaits wanton wanderers.
No families dance here now,

When a thought becomes a fact,
Will my world still be in tact?
When the sun has made its mark,
Can I rejoice now in this dark?

How I long to go back to the time
Surrounded by love in the sunshine.
I want to feel their soft hand in mine
And sense the warmth in their every line.

My eyes saw you achieve those goals of yours,
Winning the battles and winning the wars,
But another hurdle has brought us to the ground,
Another chink in our impenetrable armour was found.

Tolerance is the light
with which I see.
Exposing folly and fact
as I sit naked.

And so I begin my lonely ride
Slumped in the back seat, I’ll hide
Not a sound will I make
Not a breath will I take

A smell so familiar that it hides
This room feels much larger than before.
And talk of it is dismissed as lies
What I see is not quite what I saw.

Step out of the shadows
A gateway to your fears
To walk wordlessly among
Demons of the truth.

Let’s go back to when
all we had was hope
and love seemed
mountain peaks away.

Show me laughter
Then teach me how.
And compose a symphony
On the strength of one smile.


Angry herd of blue
Roar at tyrant in black
As the red flock cheer.

Out with the gang, kicking a ball,
Building a fort, climbing a wall.
Smells from the ‘barbies filled the night air,
Rock Paper Scissors made everything fair.


Give but don’t take
Fold but don’t break
Cry but don’t dwell
Buy but don’t sell

She possesses my control
And I know she holds the key,
To my happiness and my freedom
But she won’t let me just be me.

Dark suede shoes
in an arrogant stride
Sunday sunglasses
from cruel reality to hide

Blue sky blanket above me
Seen behind a shaded mask
A splash and a giggle
Heard beyond a sheltered heart

Robert Siney Biography

I am but a humble man in his mid-Twenties. I'm still trying to figure out both myself and this world in which I reside. I hope you find something within my adverse verse.)

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Look Beyond

Beyond the dead pan face,
Lies a heart that lacks pace,
A mind that longs to stimulate,
A smile that cannot compensate.

What you see is just pretense,
A mask, a shadow, to make amends,
Unintentional but certainly strong,
Too busy playing your own slow song.

Lost and confused without knowing why,
Easier to laugh than it is to cry,
Invisibility is reality today,
Out of the picture, out of the way.

The silence has never been so loud,
Self-inflicted, no fault of the crowd,
Oblivious minds but maybe that’s how,
It’s appreciated and accepted by him now.

Beneath the surface of the sea,
Sits an unbroken sensitivity,
Astride a lonely sense of dignity,
All these things you never knew about me.

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Anonymous 03 September 2022

This young man deserves to be recognised and celebrated; his word and work is truly outstanding.

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