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Time: limited
Quantity: unknown

We are but each a wave


Who are we, without a name?
without an identity,
we are all the same
I'm as right as I can be.

Love slowly came along,
took away my fear and pain,
I never thought i'd love again,
until you came and proved me wrong.

When flowers bloom,
In the springtime,
You are already blossomed.

Ho un paese da scoprire,
città da visitare,
genti da vedere,

The present merely exists
the future a defined path.

Clouds of people are passed

L'amour est comme une pomme;
croquante et juteuse mais parfois trop sucrée.
C'est pour ça aussi que quand on choisi notre pomme
La couleur de sa peau ou son apparance,

The crowd roared
as I stepped onto the track,
they knew I had something
other racers did lack.

To you, my love
I give my life
for the world is worthless
if I don't have you.

This poem has no title!
I don't know what it's about...

I don't know it's structure or style, or genre.

It's ten past noon,
he lays there on his couch.
Watching television,
empty stomached.

I was born here,
In this land, far and wide,
Of beautiful landscapes,
And rich diversity.

Hey you!
You better watch out,
I may be a fool.
But don't be shy,

Running at full speed
the finish line not far away,
the sun is shining,
no one in my way.

Every man in nature is alike;
It is absurd to divide such races
between civilized and savage,
developped and third world.

I saw a blind man,
so I made him see.
I saw a sad boy,
so I made him happy.

When your eyes,
Meet mine,
You smile,
So fine.

It is very impolite to cry at your own funeral.
Not impolite to others, but to yourself.
upon those cold cheeks do your salty tears run like endless rivers.

Never underestimate the power of another,
but don't let their power underestimate you.

Always be aware of perils and dangers,


I fart,
you fart,
we all fart!
Some are loud, some are silent,

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Time: limited
Quantity: unknown

We are but each a wave
in an endless ocean
and no one knows when the wind
will abate or change direction.

We all burden a flame
in the swarming fire
and no one knows when the wind
will send us to blazes.

Time is an infinite blow
and only it will know
when your whisper
will be faint
but it will never tell you
for the clock keeps on ticking
but the clock is not yours
you are merely part of it.

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