The Race Ii Poem by Roger Naya

The Race Ii

Running at full speed
the finish line not far away,
the sun is shining,
no one in my way.

Confidence is building in me
that I will win first place,
I can almost taste victory
the trophy I long to embrace.

Then just as I began to think
that I would win the race,
someone passed me to the left,
determined, I began the chase.

Tension grew in the crowd,
for we were seconds apart,
loosing now would be dissapointing
as I was ahead since the start.

My legs became tiresome,
but gold was on my mind,
I began to sprint faster
with every bit of force I could find.

To be concluded...

Ivor Hogg 16 November 2008

I will look forward to the conclusion and resrve my comments Roger ivor

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June Feir-Cruz 08 November 2008

There are so many things that we race for in real life: success in our jobs, the affection and love of someone. We compete for pretty much everything with anyone and everyone - when in reality: we only have to compete with is time. Time to do everything in such a short while.....I love your poem, Roger. It is what goes through in our hearts and minds, figuratively speaking.....It captures the spirit of the 'race'.

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Ivor Hogg 08 November 2008

you get your message across clearly Perseverance is required to succeed at anything You have a regular rhyme scheme but pay little attention to meter is this beacuse you prefer free form ot just as it came Ivor

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Antonio Liao 06 November 2008

you have a very nice poem.... i like it.... i will keep it in my heart... thank you thank you..... God bless a 10 point

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