The Game Of Life Poem by Roger Naya

The Game Of Life

Rating: 5.0

Hey you!
You better watch out,
I may be a fool.
But don't be shy,
get into the game,
just play it cool.

For all you dreamers,
keep believing.
To all you seekers,
stop hiding.

It's time we often waste,
searching for happiness,
when all you need to do is
play the game with no haste.

Always keep loving.
Never stop giving.
Have faith in your future,
and you'll be sure of winning.

Come play by my side now,
doesn't matter how.
Each path is different,
but the end is the same.

You've got to cherish what you've got,
pursue what you want.
There are no rules,
only solutions.

So, give me your hand,
and let's start to play,
that game called life.

June Feir-Cruz 19 September 2008

My dear Guisto (Roger) Every so often if we are lucky in our lifetime, we come across someone (or if we are really lucky a few individuals) who is/are bursting in life force: so vital, magnetic, reveting, with the innocence of a child and the wisdom of a scholar, the patience and kindness of a saint. I can't wait to see more of your work as you journey through life. Bravo! Magnifico!

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Greenwolfe 1962 30 March 2008

You are a philosopher-poet and you don't waste time. You get right to the point. Well done! GW62

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