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1. An Equal Pain 12/1/2010
2. Autumn, Thee Lovely... 12/1/2010
3. Trichotomy On The Banks Of A River At End Of Life... 12/1/2010
4. I Can Smell The Coffee When It Rains 12/1/2010
5. Finding Life After Death 12/1/2010
6. The Unsociable Woman 12/1/2010
7. Cold Hearted 12/1/2010
8. Memories Soft And Warm 12/1/2010
9. Rise, Then Fall 12/1/2010
10. Report Spam 12/1/2010
11. Kiss... 12/1/2010
12. The Unmighty... 12/1/2010
13. She's Beaten... 12/1/2010
14. Canvas God 12/2/2010
15. His Final Inspiration... 12/2/2010
16. Escape... 12/2/2010
17. Relief For And From Society... 12/2/2010
18. A Simple Life, A Deeper End 12/2/2010
19. Parousia... 12/2/2010
20. Oh! How She Wilted... 12/2/2010
21. He Who Traps A Butterfly... 12/2/2010
22. My Father, Who Art In Hell 11/30/2010
23. Killed What I Saved 11/30/2010
24. My Father, Who Art In Heaven 11/30/2010
25. You'Re My Only Love... 12/2/2010
26. The Last Day Of My Life 12/1/2010

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Best Poem of Rohan Sen

The Last Day Of My Life

In the park, for the last time,
couldnt look you in the eye,
everytime I glanced,
I was reminded,
of being the dark chapter & the strife,
that I had caused in your life

So many words I said,
I dont even know if I meant any,
But since the hour demanded,
and your hurt face commanded,
so I did...I did so many

'Why? ' Is all you asked..No answer from me.
'Do you love her? ' You queried..
All I was thinking, was that I was the waste
of this earth, and I was the reason..
why people never trust,
why Love turns to dust, Yes, I was the ...

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Finding Life After Death

Midnight and madness,
sitting by the window,
aware of guilt,
my tears the quilt,
used as shield,
against your eyes,
which see through the disguise,
worn by our marriage of years,
replaced by miscarriage and tears.

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