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We drown in many things
Too many to be named
They cut our wings
And leave us tamed.

My heart is in a cage
And the keys are lost
While I, growing in age
Hold on to the past.


I have walked empty halls
Dragging my sore feet
I've spoken to blank walls
With no one to greet.

Some feel more deeply
Than others, I'm afraid
But they meekly
Keep their feelings

Life is a long chase
After things, do you agree
Until there is no trace
Left of us to see.

If you won't read a story
Do read a poem
Let the poet have the glory
And art a home.

Here's a poem for god
The great almighty soul
Or is that just a facade
A grab for fleeting control.

Others have the world
But I have my words
And the words I hurl
Take flight like birds.

We look for love
In the wrong places
Where, we're happy sort off
Though the love be in traces.

Life is a deep ocean
Of which i know not the end
There are things in motion
Here, i can't comprehend.

If a person can smile
Despite all their pain
They have understood life
And they have an umbrella

What a silly thing love is
Folks love only to later hate
A promise sealed with a kiss
Turns into unwanted weight.

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We drown in many things
Too many to be named
They cut our wings
And leave us tamed.

We drown so deep
We don't see the light
And then we weep
For dust we bite.

Everyone drowns
Once in a while
And so, falls the crown
Into the dark aisle.

But who has lived
Who hasn't drowned
Either by death deceived
Or by trifles bound.

So, drown, if you must
Though not for long
For Iron can rust
Though it is strong.

I've drowned many times
But never faded
Reborn, I am, from the confines
I myself created.

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