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The great discovery of releasing emotions through poems have been a true blessing. Thanks to a wonderful friend who showed me the way!

I'm not good with words
Nor am I with the language
But I dare write poems
Only to impress another

Landing as a poetess
Neither knowing the idioms, nor the phrases
How to correctly punctuate, or to rhyme

I write ...

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Angel's Touch

When an angel returns to heaven
With despair we question why
For she goes back to where she belongs
Twas a blessing to have her with us

Poems For You

In the early hours of the day
When mind is pure
Ego asleep
Soul intact to the heart

Saving Myself

The path I choose needs time
Patience and determination
Difficult to take and painful to endure
Discouragement and hopelessness along the way

F_ Word

A fable of a fain fat fairy with fair feak in fine foulard follows the fad for fandango.

Her flair for fabulous fashionable finds, enhances her feminine flame that flares ferociously.

Alive But Dead

When death snatches away a loved one
Separation becomes heart throbbingly painful
Alas leaving memories of the last encounters, the regrets..

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Dominic Hunt 21 July 2012

I like the poem love but you left out the reason for living

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