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I remember the time when I was a kid,
When we played Knights and Queens hand in hand.
We dreamt of a kingdom, we decided to build
A marvelous castle of sand.

My country broke down. Did you hear that sound?
A sound of destruction, a roar of disaster,
Reckless decisions and riots all around,
Nobody figured what would be thereafter.

Day turns to night, night turns to day,
A strip of land immersed in fire,
Deaf god will never hear you pray,
Today is black, the future’s dire.

If I were Satan, to the hell
From godly paradise expelled,
I’d wear not my skin of beast
I’d wear a mantle of a priest,

A victim of the sky


When you planted me in fertile soil
I was a sprout weak and small
But owing to your care and toil
I grew up quickly strong and tall.

You want to soar away on wing of starlit Night
To blinking lights afar, unknown mystic worlds,
Abandoning the past, the remnants of delight,
And throwing out the ballast of unspoken words

When Fall bewails the summer’s shining days
With howling winds and bitter tears of rain,
And gloomy clouds hide the sunny rays,
So I lament lost happiness in vain.

You, learn to cook us tasty meals
And I will build our home.
You, smile so bright, so that this smile
Could make our dwelling warm.

The water on the asphalt glitters with silver,
My feet are too drenched; I will not get a sleep,
Feel cold in my kidneys and pain in my liver
My throat’s desert-dry, my despair so deep.

The Maiden Tower


Why every Fall I feel so blue
When northern wind blows from the sea,
And distant memories of you
With raging gushes brings to me?

In the Orient’s boundless plain
No beginning is there, nor end.
Revelations from heavenly reign,
From the Lord to the deserts descend.

On a cold day when wild winds blow
You told me you must go
To other lands where rivers roar
and just like your hair flow.

Where flesh is torn apart by shells
And thrown away to vultures,
Where death is young and better sells
Than a masterpiece of culture.

On the wings of the wind I'm flying high like a kite,
I'm leaving behind the dark of the night,
Everything behind to enjoy this lonely flight.
Nirvana's my freedom, boredom's my jail

I see her dancing on the sand
And making circles on the shore
A Spanish guitar in her hand
I stand there watching her in awe.

The world is awakened by Spring, by the rays of the sun,
But someone sleeps fast with his limbs torn apart by a shell,
And someone is very much sad but someone has fun,
For someone this Spring is the heaven, for someone the hell.


My eyes irradiate no light,
My soul’s a homeless cat,
It’s frozen and it looks for warmth
On a soft and fluffy mat,


True inspiration I ignite
In every poet’s heart,

Ruslan Kerimov Biography

I love poetry. I live in Baku, Azerbaijan, which is located at the coast of the Caspian. I love playing the guitar. I like creating something for my soul)

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A Castle Of Sand

I remember the time when I was a kid,
When we played Knights and Queens hand in hand.
We dreamt of a kingdom, we decided to build
A marvelous castle of sand.

We all gathered together and ran to the sea
Where the waves kissed the sands of the shore,
Where an eel left a trace, a message to me
That I’d never fancied before.

I remember I took my shovel with me,
My bucket, my armors, my sword.
I remember how the side of the sea
Was invaded by our horde.

We started to work so zealously hard
To complete by the Sun’s decline
But the Sun in the sky admired our art
And some longer He promised to shine.

And finally we built the castle of sand,
At last our dreams came true.
Around the castle we danced hand in hand,
All the kids, both me and you.

It was six in the evening, our parents frowned,
So afraid were they and appalled
By the thought their kids in the sea might ‘ve drowned,
So the Soviet militia* they called.

The officers didn’t expect they’d be charmed
By the castle’s magnificent beauty,
Though their determination disarmed,
To take us home was their duty.

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p.a. noushad 27 December 2008

your poems touch my heart.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 20 August 2008

A Castle of Sand is a nice potrait of sense, enjoyed a lot.

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