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Imagine standing at the edge
No more reasons of anything in life to pledge
Looking down as the wind bleeds your eyes dry
When you fall you have seconds to say goodbye to the sky

I'm lost from home
Out in the heat but feel cold and all alone
A feeling of abandonment without the wind
Lurking in disadvantage, pinpoints reach my shins

The truth is everything but nothing
-Nothing of anything
Yet it keeps us coming
Coming for something

Breath in, Breath out
Breath in, Breath out
Breath innnnnn, breath out....phewww

Hey_I_am kissing your face
kissing your face
kissing your face

Ever since the beginning of our time
We've danced for rain and prayed for fame
But today we ask ourselves is it all the same?

Drugs I love them
A shooting star through my skin
I'm feeling superhuman
Until it kills me within

God must of created this sight for me to see
She has to be a goddess, more beautiful than anything I've ever seen
Her complexion and curves put me in disarray
She quickly turns my night into day

Running away and trying to escape
I wanna get away, get away from this place
I’m hiding in my skin and I’m searching for some truth
I won’t tell you my pain, because I don’t want you to know I’m insane

The other high, sugar high
Taste bud’s, in the sky
Glucose, floods the veins
Overcrowded, colliding lanes

I feel feelings people never feel
Things people never seen, things that used to be real

Look through these eyes

Missed opportunities
Equal wasted feelings
How could I pass up on you
When I was within your grasp

I am a wishful savior
Give anything to save us
I am a slave to your beauty
Not in control of my lust

A burning flame ignites with a spark
I’ll light in you all that is dark
And I will take your dark side and run
I’ll be your shadow in the sun

Today and here is where I sit and lye
Watching the clock as time ticks by
All this time I was nothing but a lie
I’m nothing special to the looks of an opposing eye

Alone with the wind in my eyes
Water to my knees
Sinking and sinking
Catching my breath

As if I glided into a state of nothing
A place where there is no sun and I place where I cast no shadow
My soul confined within my inner body unable to escape; unable to breath
This state of nothing is not physical, possibly mental, but no doubt devastating

It’s so sickly how diluted your mind can be
When one acquires an infatuation of love
How one just hunger’s to be in the presence of another
An insanity of waiting in a purgatory of stand still excitement

The excruciating pain of a thorn
Slitting its point till the bones left torn
Ripping apart flesh that’s left in scripted
Painting pictures of lonesome scenes depicted

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I'm Ryan,20 years old and a college student. I write for many reasons and hopefully you will get the chance to read my stuff.)

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Suicide Is Bravery

Imagine standing at the edge
No more reasons of anything in life to pledge
Looking down as the wind bleeds your eyes dry
When you fall you have seconds to say goodbye to the sky
Adrenaline causes the mind an instant rush
Anticipating freedom until you become crushed

Now a coward alive would say this man was weak
Yet this man in life couldn't imagine thinking deep
Instead of jumping for problems, you take a jump for power
I'll live more in 10 seconds than you do in a million hours
So as your standing at the edge giving life your last salute
Remember your brave, realize most wouldn't jump even with a parachute
Most would run as they saw death screaming 1000 feet down
A brave man would dig is own corpse into the ground

So as you read about another suicide statistic being
He did it because of strength, something your not seeing
When life screeches to an end and you want to be saved
This 'coward' was brave, this soul was brave

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