Ryan Sanders

Rookie (Alaska)

Ryan Sanders Poems

1. To The Puppet Masters 1/13/2006
2. A Notion 2/9/2006
3. Accept 2/9/2006
4. Heed 3/16/2006
5. Whistle 3/16/2006
6. Whistling 3/16/2006
7. Serenity 9/9/2006
8. Hey You 9/9/2006
9. Someone 4/12/2007
10. Causality And Time 5/23/2007
11. These Words 1/2/2006
12. The Impoverished 1/8/2006
13. Locust 1/8/2006
14. This Heavy Heart 10/9/2007
15. My Shit Poetry 10/23/2007
16. A Shot In The Dark... 10/23/2007
17. To Alcohol And Myself... 10/23/2007
18. The Cloth Of Time 11/1/2007
19. Untitled 9/20/2006
20. How Am I... 10/9/2007
21. To You, Africa 1/8/2006
22. As I Walk... 10/9/2007
Best Poem of Ryan Sanders

To You, Africa

You are a beautiful terra firma
With beautiful people
Rich in history
Rich in prosperity

You are a land of life hard lived
Through droughts and famines
Your people had a lot to give

Your villages were of close community
Unlike that of civilization
You were the best example
that the world could have seen

Then the toubob began to arrive
And your people were taken
With no regard for your childrens lives
I know you are still shaken

Taken from the land they loved
Shoving their beloved Earth into their mouth
For one last taste of ...

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The Impoverished

Your eyelids are a nest for flies
You fight for your food
You walk in excrement filled streetways
Also known as your home
Neglected by the powers that be
Simply because they can
Simply because there is money to be made
We are both told of peace and prosperity
I know they are all lies

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