S.I.M. Poems

1. Pillow 5/25/2005
2. Hoops 8/16/2005
3. Gravitational Love 8/18/2006
4. What Happened? 12/4/2008
5. Phoenix Song 12/5/2008
6. The Storyteller 12/5/2008
7. This Winter 12/5/2008
8. My Discovery 4/19/2005

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Me, ball, hoop. Me, ball, and hoop.
When I step onto that driveway, onto that playground, wherever.
That's all there is, just me, ball, and hoop.
No cars breaking down, no girlfriends leaving me for an old friend or family member of mine.
Just me, ball, and hoop.
No peer pressure, no failing classes, no bullies.
My dogs not dying, I have no sick relatives or friends.
Just me, ball, and hoop.
There's no terroristic threats on the news, no stories of troops dying, sacrifysing there lives for us.
There's no diseases or plagues striking across this planet we call ...

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