Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal Sad Poems

Sad Demises

We egret the demise of close and near ones
Miss their greatness and pardonable acts
Never bothering about unkind gestures
Forgiveness for all in their whole tenure

Very Sad Tale

Very sad tale

Very sad tale
But have not failed?

Sad Episode

Sad episode

Wednesday, March 7,2018
8: 11 PM

Cry And Remain Sad

Cry and remain sad

As we progress
We too face

The Sad End

The sad end
Wednesday,8th November 2018

You were mistaken

Sad Cuckoo

Have you ever seen sad cuckoo?
Yes I have seen and it is very much true
Hardly any one can notice it in early hours
As cuckoo has disappeared and seen no where

Sad But True

Sad but true

Friday,10th August 2018

I Feel Sad

Why do I feel bad about fanatics?
What is simple thought or any basic?
What can be termed as logic?
I have no answer for it and feel so sick

In Sad Way

Tell me from your heart
Do I play demon's part?
Did you ever feel it from any angle?
I have so far stood well with struggle

I Remained Sad

“No, do not hit me” elder brother shouted
I was holding stone in one hand and aimed
It struck his elbow and fractured joint
He screamed loud with pain

Never Makes Me Sad

I thought of me
Several times
In present context
While writing poems and text

You Are Sad

You are sad

Tuesday, March 20,2018
8: 17 AM

Sad Delight

I want to be of my own
Not famous or known
I want simple hut to live with
The sound health with strong teeth

Sad Tune

Sad Tune
Saturday,8th September 2018

Let there remain no doubt

Sad Good Bye

I decide to stop posting
On "Muse India" with silent protest
As articles go unnoticed or unread
A sign of ungratefulness to the dead

Sad Memory

Even though a sad memory
I feel no regret or sorry
He is no more among
Yet proving us very much wrong

Letter-Sad Memory

letter-Sad memory
Friday,11th June 2021

I shocked to see you go

Sad Cuckoo And

Sad Cuckoo
Sunday,18th October 2020

Dear cuckoo

Sad Tunes

Sad tunes

Thursday, May 3,2018
8: 49 PM

Never Feel Sad

The story may look real
If heart makes deal
With reality
To fear almighty

Sad Demise

Poets are after poets in all the senses
Pain and sorrow can not make them tense
If such sorrows can take them over
Consider world is no place to live any more

I Am Sad...

I was sad...

I was sad again today
Was there any difficulty on the way?

So Sad Memory

So sad memory
Monday,28th September 

Sad Moments

I remembered those lovely and sad moments’
When felt kind hand moving in hair with some movements
Her tears were falling on my cheeks and whole face
I was still not awakened and felt sweet embrace

Sad Events

I prefer isolation
With no relation
To outside world
I considerate as useless fold

Real Sad Moments

Life remains as puzzle
We always struggle
Sometimes enjoy the fruit
And sometimes brunt too

Sad Part No Where

Sad part no where

Who cares for closure?
Or for lock so sure

Not Sad Enough

She appeared little tense
"But not sad enough" I senses
She had sense of pride
To speak and confide

Sad At Will

Be simple and visionary
Not to speak in air and feel unnecessary
The sun shall rise as usual
And set as casual

Make Me No Sad

Make me

You can never escape
And step out

So Sad

So dear

Never goes out from memory
We feel so sorry

Don't Feel Sad

Don't feel sad

Don't feel sad
As you will soon find your dad

Sad Tales... Mercy Killing

Sad tales... mercy killing

It becomes intolerable
Painful and unbearable

A Sad Feeling

I am lonely and feeling very sad
All days were nice but today it is very bad
I could not see of him in my dream
I am only for him, him and him

Total Sad Demise

It is dead song now and carries no meaning
We used to rejoice at their reversals when not winning
The British Empire was slowly loosing its hold
Each territory was claiming independence from their fold

Sad Exit

Sad exit
Saturday,11th Sept 2021

Four years before on this date

Sad Feelings

Sad feelings
Tuesday,6th July 2021

How badly you feel?

My Sad Cuckoo

My sad cuckoo
Tuesday,13th October 2020

I entered conversation

The Sad Demise

Sad demise
Tuesday,15th October 2019

What is missed by a person?

So Sad Factor

So sad factor

​​​​​​​Friday,10th August 2018

Sad Event

Sad Event
Wednesday,4th March 2020

Hold it

Sad Bye

Sad bye
Saturday,6th April 2019

She was in tears

So Sad To

So sad to
Saturday,19th December 2o20

So sad to have lost him

I Feel The Sad-Poem Hunter

I feel the sad-Poem hunter
Saturday,19th December 2020

I feel the sad

Sad Days

I remember those sad days
Life with lots of problems on the way
No cheers but question of life and death
Fight for square meals a day and unable to breath

Sad Eyes

I could read nothing on her face
But eyes could speak with grace
Intense struggle was going on in her mind
Yet her face revealed nothing for me to find

Guilty And Sad

It makes me feel guilty and sad
When some one calls me bad
It is so particularly in the case of spy
Valiant attempt for motherland but suicidal try

No Reason To Feel Sad

I have no reason to feel sad and look gloomy
Even though the day is dark and cloudy
It may rain any time to bring some respite
The night may look an the absence of light

Sad Queen

I have named her as sad queen
She is in bad mood and happiness is not seen
I loved to touch her barren mind
I hoped some oasis of sweet kind

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