Sahil Sharifdin Bhat Poems

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Will You Marry Me?

My income, home, car, and caste—all are small.
Would you still like to marry me, my doll?
If yes, I promise I will treat you as a queen
And gift you floral crowns and earrings green.

On This Day Of Eid

The sun has risen beaming,
Happy birds are screaming,
Flowers are dancing in breeze
So are crops and trees ,

Everyone's Planet

The planet earth belongs to all:
Rich, poor, black, white
Fat, thin, male, female,
Transgender, short and tall.

Never Complain

Never complain

Welcome clouds, sunshine or rain.
Never heave sighs. Never complain.

Till I Entered My Grave

They did not visit me till I entered my grave ;
They came weeping but I was in a dark cave.
Never delay to enjoy the beauty of the spring
When flowers bloom and lovely birds sing.

I Am Never Away From You

I am never away from you.
Trust my words pure and true.
I watch you reading my every book.
I gaze you when you sweep and cook.

Three Types Of Wives

A man had three loving wives
Sophia, Lily and Emily.
They never listened to their man
But claimed to love him deeply.

Be My Guest For A Night

Be my guest for a night.
Don't say No, dear, be polite.
Ten thousand nights you have got!
Just one night can you give not?

Every Beauty Is On Sale

Every beauty has a price.
Every beauty is on sale:
Shy, smart, sweet, saintly,
Strong, royal, rough or frail.

O That, I Was Not Princess Latifa!

Shoot me dead here, O Indian soldiers;
send me not back to that stifling palace,
That emotionless king and loveless home.
Set me free from that forced marriage

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