On This Day Of Eid Poem by Sahil Sharifdin Bhat

On This Day Of Eid

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The sun has risen beaming,
Happy birds are screaming,
Flowers are dancing in breeze
So are crops and trees ,
Streams sing sweet melodies,
People are hugging enemies,
Everyone is wearing new dress,
Moving about with happiness,
Giving to the poor charity
With love and sincerity,
Kids look pretty and glad
In heavenly dresses clad,
Chanting some holy words,
People are walking in hordes,
Towards the prayer site,
To stand up with delight,
Before the supreme being,
The all-powerful, all-seeing,
The remover of all distress,
The bestower of happiness.
But, I am in severe pain
For every lady and man,
Who are not allowed to meet
Their friends close and sweet,
On this day of Eid
When no eye must bleed .
O my sleek teddy bear,
Where are you this year?
O you cruel soulmate,
How long should I wait?
The separation burns me again.
Come, fall on me like rain.
Eid came but you did not.
I am missing you a lot.
Come, come like olden days.
I am waiting as always .

On This  Day Of Eid
Chinedu Dike 03 May 2022

A wonderful piece written in verse with rhythmic splendour. A beautiful creation....

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Mehvish sanaie 03 May 2022

A beautiful poem by a wonderful man

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