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My income, home, car, and caste—all are small.
Would you still like to marry me, my doll?
If yes, I promise I will treat you as a queen
And gift you floral crowns and earrings green.

The sun has risen beaming,
Happy birds are screaming,
Flowers are dancing in breeze
So are crops and trees ,

The planet earth belongs to all:
Rich, poor, black, white
Fat, thin, male, female,
Transgender, short and tall.

Never complain

Welcome clouds, sunshine or rain.
Never heave sighs. Never complain.

They did not visit me till I entered my grave ;
They came weeping but I was in a dark cave.
Never delay to enjoy the beauty of the spring
When flowers bloom and lovely birds sing.

I am never away from you.
Trust my words pure and true.
I watch you reading my every book.
I gaze you when you sweep and cook.

A man had three loving wives
Sophia, Lily and Emily.
They never listened to their man
But claimed to love him deeply.

Be my guest for a night.
Don't say No, dear, be polite.
Ten thousand nights you have got!
Just one night can you give not?

Every beauty has a price.
Every beauty is on sale:
Shy, smart, sweet, saintly,
Strong, royal, rough or frail.

Shoot me dead here, O Indian soldiers;
send me not back to that stifling palace,
That emotionless king and loveless home.
Set me free from that forced marriage

Your glance pricks the heart.
Sweeter than music is your talk.
Your pretty smiles melt stones
And excites in me naughty hormones.

My choices and thinking are unique.
Palaces and cars, I never seek.
Rowdy bikers, I never chase.
I see the heart, not wealth or face.

When my boat was caught in storm
And tossed back and fore.
There was darkness all around
And I could not see any oar.

It was the early Sunday morning
And I heard a call from the gate.
When I asked her to come inside,
I saw an old woman and her mate.

The lion of the jungle was in his den
And he heard sobs of a sad hen.
He lost temper and went outward
To punish the foolish whining bird.

Who grows weeds in his farm?
Who grows thorns in his lawn?
Who prefers barking to sound sleeping?
Who welcomes a noisy swan?

The moon with her all stars;
The sun with his all rays;
The God with his all angels;
The year will its all days;

I love rain
When it is a holiday,
I am at home
And others are away.

I was told fairy tales,
I was taught lies at school,
I was preached old myths,
I was raised as a fool.

Meeting you made me feel great.
Wish we had not met so late!
O the answer of my every prayer,
Do not go now anywhere.

Sahil Sharifdin Bhat Biography

Biography of Sahil Sharifdin Bhat Residence: Pampore, pulwama, J and k, India. Education: PG in English literature, M.ed, SET, NET Influences: Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, Rumi, Amir khusraw, Allam Iqbal, Nietzsche, Samuel Beckett, Emerson, Ahmad Deedat Influenced: Talib Hilal, Syed Faisal, Zubair sofi, Mir Saquib Farooq, Arshid Ahmad shah etc Notable poems: Rebirth, Success in postmodern world, I was once sixteen, Rise and Fall, Bible of love, Our teachers, George Floyd, Marital status: single Occupations: poet, lecturer, author, quotewriter, YouTuber, blogger, Gymer, social reformer, public speaker. Email: Introduction Sahil Sharifdin Bhat is a poet, lecturer, quotewriter, YouTuber, article writer, gymer, social reformer, and public speaker. He is a growing versatile personality. While in the state of Jammu and Kashmir the youth are in a dilemma whether to support the people who want freedom for the state or to cooperate with the Indian government ruling the state since 1940's, Sahil is inviting the youth to shun the violence and work for the peace and progress of their families, Muslim community and the whole world. He uses his poetry as a vehicle to spread the ideas of love, justice, kindness, happiness, peace and modernity among the people around. He is very concerned about the increasing rate of suicide and depresssion patients in the valley. His principle is 'to act locally but think globally'. He particularly wants the youth of Kashmir to study hard and build their health to the maximum limit possible. His quotes are worth writing in golden ink. He has written somewhere that 'TRUST in religion, BENEFIT in business, HEALTH in life, PHYSICAL PLEASURE in love affair, FRANKNESS in friendship, HARD WORK in studies and PATIENCE in married life are the basic rules. Ignoring them will definitely play havoc with anyone's life Life and philosophy Sahil Sharifdin Bhat Popularly known as Sahil Sharifdin English was born at a village near the saffron town pampore in the district of pulwama in the politically disturbed state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. He is the eldest child of GH Mohi ud din Bhat and Rafiqa wani. Unlike the people around him, Sahil has chosen the different way of leading his life. He spends most of his time reading books at his home. He has been attracted to the ideas of education, peace, love, truth, progress etc from the very beginning in his life. He has studied the holy Quran, the holy Bible and the holy Bhagvad Gita. He has a good command over English, Urdu, Arabic and Persian languages. He says that education is the best solution to all the problems of Muslims in particular and of humankind in general. According to him, right education brings a person out of the depths of hate, anger and narrowmindedness and lifts him up to the zenith of love, tranquility and broadmindedness. He favours individual freedom so long as it doesn't create chaos and criticizes bitterly the outdated and rotten social constraints. His poetry and quotes target mostly the same issues. In addition, his heart weeps blood to see the plight of private teachers in particular and government teachers in general in the state of Jammu and Kashmir where a teacher is treated at par with the non-kashmiri daily manual labourers. He tries to highlight the same plight of teachers through his pen and the tongue. At the same time, he wants the teachers of the state to take good care of themselves, grow healthier and walk smarter as they are the primary role models for the children who grow up looking at them. He says that smart and healthy teachers build smart and healthy nations. Once skeptical, Sahil is now a staunch believer in Allah. He respects and honours his two local religious teachers namely Bashir Ahmad kuchey and Shawkat Ahmad kuchey who gave a unique direction to the wandering ship of his life. Sahil, as already said, mostly loves to read books at his home. However, he occasionally loves to meet people, interacts with them on social media and, sometimes, face to face and talks fun with them. He is a patient listener and talks only when required. He hardly loses his cool. He is loved and respected wherever he goes, nevertheless, he too has a number of critics and unwanted enemies. Bible of love Bible of love is a philosophical poem by Sahil Sharifdin English. The poem defines love very deeply. It alludes to various historical love affairs such as of the prophet Joseph, Queen Dido and Mansur Al-hallaj. Sahil seems to be well learned in the subjects of love and life. It is one of his most appreciated poems available on the internet. More poems by SAHIL SHARIFDIN Ëñglísh 1. A lover and believer 2. A tourist on the planet 3. After breakup 4. An eagle among the hens 5. And I shall breathe my last 6. Bible of love 7. Define love 8. George Floyd 9. Girl of today 10. Go and tell that heartless lady 11. I am a teacher 12. Helen Keller in love 13. Read the pain beneath my pretty smiles 14. And I shall breathe my last 15. Somebody ask my soul 16. I know she will not remember me 17. Hide your beloved from the world 18. My favourite season brings snowfall 19. Mohamed phobia 20. Lust is a divine flame 21. Please, set me free 22. New hunter-gathering 23. She disobeyed secretly 24. Women are victims 25. I am scared of love 26. Success in postmodern world 27. Who will wipe your tears 28. Zoya 29. State song of kashmir 30. Rebirth 31. Why girls so fast grow 32. To my girlfriend 33. I was once sixteen 34. People people people 35. Rise and fall 36. Our teachers 37. Message of coronavirus 38. Plump, creased and in-between 39. Peace mantra 40. A tourist on the planet 41. I call you doctor mine 42. To my unborn daughter 43. Everyone's planet 44. Be my guest for a night 45. O that, I was not princess Latifa 46. But I chose the pleasures of single life 47. I enter secretly my lover's room 48. My life is my problem 49. Old parents are our second God 50. The only law is ''Might is Right'' 51. Every beauty is on sale All these poems, his articles, his Urdu shayari, his published books and his quotes are available on the internet. Notable quotes ''We ignore our sins and get angry at other sinners.Our world would be a Heaven if we ignored other sinners and got angry at our own sins.'' ''Where there is TRUST, there is LOVE....'' ''Imitative people always bark at creative people saying THIS DOESN'T SUIT YOU, THAT DOESN'T SUIT YOU.'' ''If he is old enough to rape, he is old enough to be hanged.'' ''when noise is disciplined, it is called Music.'')

The Best Poem Of Sahil Sharifdin Bhat

Will You Marry Me?

My income, home, car, and caste—all are small.
Would you still like to marry me, my doll?
If yes, I promise I will treat you as a queen
And gift you floral crowns and earrings green.
Our sleeping bed will be a lush green grassy floor
Which breeze sweeps, dew mops and poets adore.
I promise to kiss your eyes before your tears fall.
I will give you all my smiles and take your tears all.
Our job will be to love ourselves and help others.
We will respect all religions, races and cultures.
Our children will be raised like birds and flowers.
Our family will be cheerful and happy in all hours.
We will trust the creator for all our needs.
We will not judge others on their deeds.
I will never hurt you and never leave you alone.
And treat your flesh and bone as my flesh and bone.
We will create a small paradise on this earth.
Will you marry me and let our kids take birth?

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Sahil Sharifdin Bhat Quotes

Those days are gone when people fought for the sake of truth, justice and good name. Nowadays, they fight for money, money and money. (Sahil Sharifdin Bhat)

Life is a mysterious teacher that trains people for Heaven and Hell by putting them through heaven and hell. (Sahil Sharifdin Bhat)

I don't feel SORRY for anything in my life. In fact, I thank all the good and the evil people who came in my life. The good people made me happy and the evil people made me wise. [ Sahil Sharifdin Bhat ]

'' I see beauty in every religion. I turn a blind eye to the ugly in every religion. Only the creator of the universe is perfect. Everyone else and everything else is imperfect. Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. share beauty and be beautiful. '' (Sahil Sharifdin Bhat)

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