In A Wait... Poem by Sai Saketh Ram

In A Wait...

For once i thought, i was
Like a lonely shell on shore, without you.
but even this distance,
Between us makes me happy too.
Even then,
I know you are not here,
and you'll not be.
You gave me a reason to live,
to be a better me.
So i'll wait, as i have waited before.
i waited when you were not there, I waited when you were,
I waited for you to walk beside me, I waited for your glare.
I'll wait even when people see it in a different view,
I'll wait to the ends of time, i'll wait for you.
I know you may never speak of my name, but
I'll wait to hear your voice, even when the words are few.
Why You ask...?
Because you've given me,
A new flavor of feel to taste.
and this small heart of mine,
now runs in haste.
And it is love i might fall into at this rate.
For i realized my feelings for you in this wait....

Catrina Heart 06 November 2009

when one knows and learned the art of waiting it is such a worth of sacrificing...........well done!

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Sabrina Jubahar 06 November 2009

beautiful piece. we can get wiser when we take time to understand why we have to wait. :)

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