Samantha Ashley

(March 07 1989 / Chicago, Il)

Samantha Ashley Poems

1. Untitled 7/3/2007
2. Sham Marriage 7/4/2007
3. About A Boy 6/6/2007
4. One Night Stand 10/2/2007
5. Family Jewels 1/2/2008
6. Fallen Soldier 2/3/2008
7. Wisteria Bloom 2/3/2008
8. I Hope You'Re Happy (Part Deux) 5/19/2008
9. Walking With You 7/4/2008
10. Cruel Tempest 7/10/2008
11. Haunted By You 7/18/2008
12. My Friends 8/5/2008
13. I Found Peace 8/18/2008
14. A Girl I Used To Know 9/14/2008
15. Life 10/9/2008
16. Conversation 4/9/2009
17. Parting 5/27/2009
18. They Love Thy Light 10/10/2008
19. Love Is Dead 9/15/2008
20. Little Flowers 8/12/2008
21. Go, Go Away 7/25/2008
22. Love No More 7/29/2008
23. A Different Hunger 5/17/2008
24. The Love That Never Was 6/7/2007
25. Letters To You 7/4/2007
26. A Million Little Lies 10/2/2007
27. You Would Love Me If You Knew You Loved Me 7/29/2007
28. It's Too Late 7/22/2007
29. I Hope You'Re Happy 5/17/2008

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Best Poem of Samantha Ashley

I Hope You'Re Happy

I hope you're happy.
I hope you don't give it a second thought.
I hope you're happy but that's not enough.
I hope your miserble in that grave you dug.
I hope it's me you're thinking of when you choke on your tears.
I hope you waste the years with someone untrue.
I hope the words you said come back to haunt you.

The mistake you made, I hope it drives you insane.
I hope it hurts you to say my name.
If you're lonely you've got no one to blame but yourself.
So I hope your happy with somebody else.

I hope you're doing alright.
I hope it's guilt that ...

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Letters To You

These are my letters to you, so ancient and grey.
They remind me of such better days, days I took for granted.
Our world so different then, much of it still a mystery.
Everything a blur.

These my letters to you, written with such fidelity.
Words I wanted to say, so delicate, so dear.
So brilliantly impaired.
They are the ashes of our dead liaison.

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