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Some people say that love isn't worth fighting for,
Other believe it is the most extraordinary thing in the world.
Me? I consider it to be both.

When you looked at me,
Those last few minutes it was as if the word halted.
Why did you abandoned me here?

If I cry, would you cry to?
If I yell, would it be at you?
If i'm scared, is it due to when I saw you?
if I smile, will it be because of you?

I was a angel whom came down from heaven to find you.
When i saw you, i was never happier.
I smiled. I almost cried in joy.

My soul was once yours, you owned me.
But when you looked at me and said your goodbye's,
You destroyed it and me.
My soul is forbiden in your territory,

The wind howls and whispers through the trees,
Making the branches shake and twist,
Making the sky to a awfull mist,

Are you drowning in your lies,
Falling so deep beyond the skies?
Trying to take back what you done?
It can be pointless to try to run.

As I sit there, staring at the nights star filled sky;
I noticed a cloud, shaped like a girl.
Who could it be?
I look abit closer and notice it’s me.

Is it wrong, to miss you so much?
To live though all of this pain day after day,
Its torture.
Not being able to touch you,

Stalked by your heart, as you forget to let go
Pulling apart my heart, whats left to go?
You tell me that you love me,
Yet you hurt me inside.

You tried to help me to many times, but i pushed you away, didn't i?
You wanted to talk, but i refused.
Each time you discused my problems, i changed the subject.

My dreams have flown far away,
Seeking to find the rush of day,
Climbing the mountaints looking for a new day,
Searching through forests looking for love,

I stand tall, as the wind blows my hair with its gentle breeze,
It feels like I am flying over the ocean seas.
Like you’re lifting my cares away,
Making more vanish each day.

Do you want me? Yes.
Did you hope for one day that i would be yours? Yes.
I already am.


I'm alone and scared, sad and ignored.
You've left me alone in the dark.
Yes, i still sit there day after day in pain.

Am I a lost hope in the world? No.
Did I think it? Yes, everyday
I was negative about myself.
Have been questioned why before.

I smile at you
You smile at me to, Shinning your teeth right on through

Im alone in the world lost and scared

If I look i see some grass, scattered across a yard,
If I look closer i can see the pain it must feel of being walked on But it doesnt care and stands up straight and tall.
I look at the sky, I see grey as far as the mountains,
But when i look closer, I can see it sad because it always cries but brings joy to those of whom enjoy ones sadness.

He slambed her to the wall, pinning her shoulders against it
'Do you hear me? ! ' He shouts at her,
The dear bride, wouldn't answer his call,
He raised the knive slowly to her neck, slightly cutting it.

Will my smile ever fade?
Fade away in the in the heartbreak you made,
Lay awake tonight and pray,
Hoping for the newborn day.

Samantha Rose Turner Biography

I'm a 13 year old girl and I really love to write poetry. My favorite poem\poet is William Wordsworth-Strange Fits Of Passion Have I Know. Poetry, music, and drawing is a important thing in my life, and hopefully it always will be. I also love anime a lot! If you get the chance please read some of my poems, they may not be the best but I hope you like them. =^.^= -Samantha)

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How Much Love Can Be Worth

Some people say that love isn't worth fighting for,
Other believe it is the most extraordinary thing in the world.
Me? I consider it to be both.

Love may damage some people, But thats because they take advantage.
If you are someone whom can be trusted, love can take you a long ways.
If you are someone whom is thoughtless, love will be inutile.

When you finnaly find someone you love, go for it Take a step onwards.
Dont ever doubt someone by what you see,
But never turn down love once you find it.

Theres someone for everybody,
Dont ever forget that.
look beyond the road,
You'll find someone deserving of your love.

Age: 12
12: 19pm

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Dan Musgrove 08 June 2012

ppl are crazy shes mine [3

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Grace Pantaleo 19 March 2012

Writing and drawing are the best parts in my life, when I was young i enjoyed writing Swahili and a little of English poems + drawing only a little, but as I grew up practicing I discovered that I had the best talents ever and now i do write in English and Swahili. So my Dear Samantha your poems are great, i don't get much time to visit poemhunter, but once I get the chance I must check on you, Keep it up Kitty!

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Makhosonke Dhlamini 12 January 2012

If you do try you will never know how good you can be. Enjoy you day.I hope this one is not the last poem. Thanx

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Tommy Peters 30 December 2011

Yout poems are promisng, keep it up samantha

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