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Sameera Alshaikh Poems

1. Potent Painkiller 3/13/2013
2. Darkness Ablaze (Prose) 8/5/2013
3. Fortitude (Prose) 8/27/2013
4. Doa (Prose) 10/2/2013
5. Forsaken 3/15/2013
6. The Lullaby 4/4/2013
7. Behind The Smiles 3/14/2013
8. Sad But True 3/15/2013
9. Oppression 3/15/2013
10. A Prayer 3/19/2013
11. Sour Times 3/14/2013
12. Beyond Remedy 3/6/2013
13. The Unspoken Murmurs 3/6/2013
14. Poison Ink 3/6/2013
15. Nothing Else Matters 3/9/2013
16. A Perfect Mess (Prose) 4/13/2013
17. Broken, Beat & Scarred (Prose) 3/10/2013
18. Master Of Disguise (Prose) 3/6/2013
19. My Friend Of Misery (Prose) 4/17/2013
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My Friend Of Misery (Prose)

Drifting out of sight, fading into the night.
Times of frustration and depression.
An uncomfortably disturbing state of mind deriving from the darkness...
Thrown into a state of intense stress and desperation, how can I ease the pain in my aching heart?
Sadness resulting from being forsaken!
A solitary night, untouched, unspoken to — Loneliness!
In the pitch-dark when even your shadow abandons you!
Falling into gentle ruin, nothing here, only worms writhing round and round — writhing away while my brain leaks into the ground.
It seems that time is passing slower ...

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The Unspoken Murmurs

Cry Hard!
Tears on your face, a remedy for the drought.
Cry Hard!
That it seems your body is turning inside out.
Until every last drop of emotion is wrung out of you.
Become undone... tears of fire, agony, & blue.

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