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Master Of Disguise (Prose)

Rating: 4.3

*'master of disguise' is not a poem, i know...
it's just something that i wrote & felt like sharing with the world :)

I'm afraid to sleep because I'm afraid to dream … I always dream of you, why do I constantly dream of you? What are you? ! … You invade my dreams, my mind, my every thought, my space, you invade my life! You hide in my shadow, you hide deep within my wounds.I catch you move! But still no one can see you! You follow me, you never leave me, I see you underneath my eyes, yet, no one does! And no one believes me! My lack of proof is your disguise. O, my eyes filled with sadness, sorrows, and grief and my heart filled with anger and charred hatred. Why do I hate you? Is it even possible to hate something that breathes my air and runs in my veins? ! You don't really exist, do you? You're nothing but a figment of my imagination! - Aren't you? … All these questions and thoughts became cages!
I close my eyes … I almost got away - almost …
I fell into a place that I've always been afraid of … I fell asleep with my phone in my hand waiting for you to text me back my dear friend. I fell into a place that I've always - always been afraid of … And I had a dream - I had the same dream again! The dream where he feels safe, secure and powerful, where he pulls off his disguise and play the game!

Chandra Thiagarajan 08 March 2013

At the very beginning you have enunciated that this piece isn't a poem.Good! Your love life is is so emotionally brought out. and the imagery is very fine!

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Musfiq Us Shaleheen 07 March 2013

very well written... oviously someone in love... very emotive but a passionate heart try to remove dark....

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Kharon March 07 March 2013

beautiful write i love the imagery in your writing and the message was well undearstood

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Stephanie Wright 07 March 2013

nice job very well written. keep writting

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Unwritten Soul 07 March 2013

You did well in this poem, you let all the mind tell the story with the streak of your emotion too..it was a good write to release your mind from tracked by dark! i have to agree with Wini, in stanza your write will be easy to read but this is a good write Sameera_Soul

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This is really an amazing work you use words like a painter's brush the words you choose really looks alive and strong so that readers come drifting in emotion i really love it to read again and again thanks for sharing

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Madina Morris 12 March 2013

Me and you should become best friends because i just fell in love with your work. Once again Sameera, love love love ;)

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Nader Baheri 10 March 2013

you have challenged the hypocrisy of a disguised person at the end.fabulous~nb

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Hazel Durham 09 March 2013

You write with such ease and clarity another great write!

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 08 March 2013

WOW, you are very promising. You make us see and feel it.

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