Sana Olivia Hernandez

Freshman - 937 Points [SOH] (Roseburg, Oregon)

Sana Olivia Hernandez Poems

1. Let Me Smile 4/29/2013
2. Can You Feel? 4/29/2013
3. Vocal Ink 4/29/2013
4. Color Me Possible (A Child's Coloring Book) 5/2/2014
5. Little Brother... 5/2/2014
6. The Sky Is Always Blue 5/5/2014
7. If The World Would Smile 5/5/2014
8. A Whisper Of Change 5/5/2014
9. Flower Shop Story 5/5/2014
10. Shower 5/10/2014
11. A Box Of Chocolates 5/10/2014
12. Temporary Crowns 5/12/2014
13. I Thought I Saved You 5/22/2014
14. With Or Without 5/30/2014
15. Chocolate And Rain 5/30/2014
16. Ponder 5/30/2014
17. Blue Drops 5/30/2014
18. Who Am I? 5/30/2014
19. Cold 5/30/2014
20. Hot 5/30/2014
21. Night 5/30/2014
22. Day 5/30/2014
23. Contradiction 5/30/2014
24. The Basement 6/3/2014
25. From Me The Author, To You The Reader 6/3/2014
26. Tough Love 6/7/2014
27. Inspiration 6/25/2014
28. Twenty-One Poems 6/25/2014
29. Riddle 6/25/2014
30. Dream Ice Cream 6/25/2014
31. Tick. Tock. 6/25/2014
32. Insomnia 6/25/2014
33. Red Ink 6/25/2014
34. Justice 6/25/2014
35. My Bad Place 6/25/2014
36. Haiku 6/25/2014
37. Rain 6/25/2014
38. Fire 6/25/2014
39. Dark 6/25/2014
40. Chamomile 6/25/2014

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  • Daniel Brick Daniel Brick (8/4/2014 12:52:00 AM)

    Hi Sana You have had a creative spring and summer. If the time seemed to go fast, it's probably because your imagination was accelerating the ordinary pace of things. The beginning of a school always involves a shift of energy, a change in habits, an absorption in the school calendar. But I will continue coming to your site here at PH, looking for the NEW POEMS which I know will arrive if not often, at least memorably.

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Best Poem of Sana Olivia Hernandez

Can You Feel?

Can you feel my everlasting love?
Can you feel my naive forgiveness?
Can you feel my unhateful tears?
Can you feel the treachery I feel when you kick me when I'm down?
When I'm unable to make a single sound?

Can you feel the pain I feel? Both emotional and physical.
Can you feel all the false smiles?
Can you feel the all too real heart break and love abuse?
Can you feel my all too strong need for you?
One I so desperately deny.
Can you feel my ever boiling anger arise?
Though I can't hurt you, let alone a fly.

Why such torture?
Why such...

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The Sky Is Always Blue

World War One and World War Two,
Even after all we've been through,
The sky is always blue.

Tears have fallen from me and from you,
But despite any tragedy,
The sky is so blue.

Does this not aggravate you?

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