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My Life - Yours Too

Me you call Nature’s wonder
When a cascade or a spring slender
Me as a mighty ocean you can see
As morning dew, I can always be.


A rose in the morning clear,
Greeting you with a smile so dear.
Blooming just to please you,
But the thorn, mind you.

The Wish

The autumn wind blew noisily
Over the big, strong tree
The dancing leaf let go its hold
It wanted to see the sea

My Little Christmas

There’s a special night – once in a year
To remind when from Heaven came God’s son here.
There are cakes to eat, prayers to say
To the little Babe on his bed of hay.

Is'Nt It Proud?

Isn’t it proud?
To be out on the border
Facing guns
Smiling at Death

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Kee Thampi 26 April 2007

Not of a fugitive trend of a true Indian writes but she writes holistically, regain the gaiety to convey for our Mother India.Where else can you find? A lake as beautiful as the Dal Or the world’s wonder – The Taj Mahal Gir forests filled with lion’s roars Or the stretching miles of serene shores The Temple of Konark where sculptures speak.. We know this World then only we know the value our culture a gentle writes but little garrulous

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Rajaram Ramachandran 23 April 2007

Your poem is short and well composed. I would like to see more of your poems.from now on. Rajaram

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