Saroj Padhi Poems

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Last Night Love Came

Last night Love came offering her hand
Wrapped in gossamer beams,
In silent breaths of moist dreams;
As I stood baring the petals of my soul



As you hold out your hand to touch me
In tune with your breath that my name doth quietly spell

My Love For You

My love for you
alternates like a dark cloud
between the Sun and rain,
its fringe lightened by rays

Broken Journey

How to toe the line to the redemptive sky?
How to approach thee in this damp, dark night
when bogged down by a derelict body, my sprit wavers
like a severed, torn kite lost in the blue spaces of hazy horizon

Smooth Sail

My search for you is endless in circuitous time-
draped in the jasmine body of youth
my enchanted spirit moves in forests of half-conscious thoughts
thro' the vale of foggy days and nights covered with flowers,

For New Year Calls

Let's mend our broken smiles, repair our love,
dent the bodies a little, dye and polish looks
after the barks of old wounds have been shed
from eyes of rueful trees into heart of thinning brooks;

A September Morn

Morning comes here
like a moist dream wrapped in dew
dripping drops of honey from
tips of leaves basking in sun's hue,

Dark Butterfly

The wind knows how much elusively
you flitted away like a dark butterfly
under the cover of night from bush
into a neon-light- lit skyscraper high,

A Journey

Let me like a shadow to the bed of soft grass alight
before I spread as wet beams into folds of the night
where in caves of dark, lone moments of loss torment you
fear and an unknown inner void keep you in constant fright;



The sweating Sal leaves smell of your aging body
as I amble along the craggy bends of your woody path,

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