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Last night Love came offering her hand
Wrapped in gossamer beams,
In silent breaths of moist dreams;
As I stood baring the petals of my soul


As you hold out your hand to touch me
In tune with your breath that my name doth quietly spell

My love for you
alternates like a dark cloud
between the Sun and rain,
its fringe lightened by rays

How to toe the line to the redemptive sky?
How to approach thee in this damp, dark night
when bogged down by a derelict body, my sprit wavers
like a severed, torn kite lost in the blue spaces of hazy horizon

My search for you is endless in circuitous time-
draped in the jasmine body of youth
my enchanted spirit moves in forests of half-conscious thoughts
thro' the vale of foggy days and nights covered with flowers,

Let's mend our broken smiles, repair our love,
dent the bodies a little, dye and polish looks
after the barks of old wounds have been shed
from eyes of rueful trees into heart of thinning brooks;

Morning comes here
like a moist dream wrapped in dew
dripping drops of honey from
tips of leaves basking in sun's hue,

The wind knows how much elusively
you flitted away like a dark butterfly
under the cover of night from bush
into a neon-light- lit skyscraper high,

Let me like a shadow to the bed of soft grass alight
before I spread as wet beams into folds of the night
where in caves of dark, lone moments of loss torment you
fear and an unknown inner void keep you in constant fright;


The sweating Sal leaves smell of your aging body
as I amble along the craggy bends of your woody path,

As dawn breaks in your half-open eyes
turned emerald due to lush drink of poison
from bouts of my deep ablution
during ecstatic union of souls' intimate night

As the morning Sun kisses the thatch eaves
of my lone cottage on the vulnerable shore
and the crow on the rain-drenched casuarina
asks me to open the long shut damp wooden door,

My city limps back to soft caresses of a new dawn
whose bleeding fingers paint the sleepy eastern sky
with hues of agony caused by the lashes of last rain
and birds fan the wounds, as up into the air they fly;

Last letter from Spring was written in tears
of Koel soaked in red oozing from our heart
as we rolled on thorns of inexplicable aches
tuning our ears to broken syllables of lost love,

These white herons brooding near me
want to say something
as they retract their long bills,
meditate for a while


My city limps back to soft caresses of a new dawn
whose bleeding fingers paint the sleepy eastern sky
with hues of agony caused by the lashes of last rain
and birds fan ancient wounds, as up into air they fly;

Startled by my own foot steps
I look back to find your shadow mocking
my dreams shattered into shreds
on the floor of a wounded time bleeding,

A few moments of flicker
an endless struggle to fight dark
before the final blinker
in the face of a hostile wind

Here the moon has lost idea of her own self
with hangover of ‘salapa' in night's cold vein,
with the pristine stream's eternal delight in
soaking in her ever burgeoning rustic pain-


What pearls do dangle from your lips!
Which stars of the evening sky
did you kiss! !
What dreams

Saroj Padhi Biography

BIODATA Dr. Saroj K. Padhi, an Associate Professor of English in the Govt. of Odisha is at present working at J K B K Govt. College, Cuttack. Born in 1962, he has been writing poems in English and Odia since his school days. Till date he has published innumerable poems in most of the leading magazines of the country and abroad. He has published two books of criticism: 1. JAYANTA MAHAPATRA’S RELATIONSHIP: A CRITICAL STUDY 2. ENGLISH ESSAYISTS: A CRITICAL STUDY and about 12 research articles in different journals and eleven anthologies of poetry in English namely PEARLS OF DEW, SHATTERED I SING, RHYMING RIPPLES, PETALS IN PRAYER, SILENT SIGHT, MOON MOMENTS, A SLICE OF SILENCE, ELUSIVE SPRING, MONSOON MEMORIES, WHERE BUDS REFUSE TO BLOOM, THE ENDLESS FLUTTER. He has done his doctorate on Indian English Poetry from Berhampur University, Odisha under the guidance of eminent poet and Prof. Dr. Niranjan Mohanty. He is also an active member of various poetry communities on the website where he regularly posts his poems. He also has his poetry blog and his poetry page ‘ Saroj Poetry’ where he regularly posts his poems. He has been designated as AMBASSADOR OF PEACE, INDIA BRANCH by World Institute of Peace in 2016 and this year 2017 he has received ROCK PEBBLES NATIONAL LITERARY AWARD and the International Enchanting Muse Award by PENTASI INDIA WORLD POETRY FESTIVAL-2017. YOU can reach him at: Email address: and Mobile: 09861160236,7008375307)

The Best Poem Of Saroj Padhi

Last Night Love Came

Last night Love came offering her hand
Wrapped in gossamer beams,
In silent breaths of moist dreams;
As I stood baring the petals of my soul
To a flow of slow dew drips;
She came oozing radiant love
With nectar in her pursed lips.

A river of compassion kept murmuring
In ceaseless ripples of love in her eyes,
Calming the surges of Tsunami
That at the depth of desire lies;
She was nameless every love
For which each creature
In a strange silence inwardly dies.

There was that love glistening in the eyes
That you so oft see in leaves' eyes,
When the delayed Sun
Under the cover of clouds hopelessly sighs.
The long desire of snow for a small spark,
Of wind to be caught in a meaningful flame,
Of something to melt into a sweet nothing
Of Time's yearning for an eternal timeless fling.

Of the desire lurking in eyes of sun to merge
Into an engulfing emptiness under sky's bower
Of Spring's desire to die into the loveliest flower
Under unexpected drops of passion-rain
Blissfully forgetful about all attendant pain.

Saroj Padhi Comments

Saroj Padhi 12 July 2020

Thanks a lot esteemed Kumarmani Mahakul for your kind words...i will be happy if you can add a short critique to some of my poems on poem hunter for the love n gratitude

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Kumarmani Mahakul 16 January 2019

Dr. Saroj Kumar Padhi born on 16-10-1962 in Odisha, India is a multi-talented, genius, kind and exceptional academician and internationally acclaimed poet who writes poems in various topics reflecting his philosophic perception. I have read and reviewed his poems and I wonder the way he represents his thought. Every poem he writes is a gem and he is a dazzling personality in the world literary society. He serves both nature and mankind through his golden flow. (Part-1)

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Kumarmani Mahakul 16 January 2019

I know him very well. He is not only an expert in teaching and poetry writing but also he has nice command on English language. His poems are very pleasing to read as these have high imaginative powers and learning values within. As per my opinion his poems are beneficial for society. Among his books, 'Rhyming Ripples, ' 'Silent Sight, ' 'A Slice of Silence' and 'Monsoon of Memories, 'are true milestones of success. May God's grace fall on him in abundance! (Part-2)

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Saroj Padhi 19 September 2018

my gratitude esteemed Rajnish Manga, love nregards too

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Rajnish Manga 22 July 2018

Wow! A great scholar and an academician and a writer of international acclaim. The poetic accomplishments of Mr Saroj Padh are no less noteworthy. I have read a couple of his poems and was thrilled by his love of nature, knowledge of tribal life and local traditions of Odisha and by the depth and beauty of his expression.

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Saroj Padhi Quotes


We're rowing a leaking boat in a surging river seized by fear of drowning under an ominous moon!

When Light wriggling through thick foliage fails to flash on the dark in heart stark of a yearning rivulet, a poem is born.

The bleeding fingers of a lovelorn black Night end up scribbling million nicknames of the Moon in crimson chest of the Dawn.

Saroj Padhi Popularity

Saroj Padhi Popularity

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